Are Quesadillas Healthy?

Are Quesadillas Healthy For Your Diet Program?

Do you like dishes that originate from Mexico? You have to try the Quesadillas. However, have you ever asked whether these quesadillas are healthy and safe to eat at any time? We will discuss the ingredients in Quesadillas and how to live healthily in this article for you.

Do you like dishes that originate from Mexico? You have to try the Quesadillas. However, have you ever asked whether these foods are healthy and safe to eat at any time? We will discuss the ingredients in Quesadillas and how to live healthily in this article for you.

Quesadillas are made of Mexican cheese as the main filling wrapped in corn or flour tortillas. Usually, it can also be added with other fillings such as meat or cheese. Then it is fried or baked in a pan. This food has undergone development since the beginning of the Mexican colonial period and has many versions in various regions.

This dish is very delicious, but how does it impact health?

The good news, in general, Quesadillas are sufficient to meet your macronutrient needs with fairly balanced levels. These foods contain calories that are not excessive.

We will provide 5 chapters about what ingredients are contained in a serving of Quesadillas in the traditional Mexican version and how to maintain a healthy body and your ideal weight when you eat a lot of these foods.

  1. What composition contains in Quesadillas?
  2. How many calories contains in one serving of Quesadillas?
  3. Can we make Quesadillas At Home?
  4. How to stay healthy even if you eat a lot of Quesadillas?
  5. How to improve exercise for health and fitness?

Those are the 5 points of our discussion in the article below. We will help you to stay healthy even if you eat a lot of Quesadillas.

What Composition Contains In Quesadillas?

In the traditional version, Quesadillas are made using large corn tortillas or flour tortillas filled with Mexican cheese. You can make a large version by using two tortilla sheets and filling the center with cheese filling. Or in a smaller portion version fill one tortilla and fold it in half. Then you just have to fry them in a skillet or deep fryer and serve them with guacamole and green or red salsa sauce. These foods contain sufficient macronutrients to meet daily calorie needs and are still healthy.

This food is quite simple and you can make it easily at home with ingredients that are easily available.

Because it’s easy and simple, you can make variations of Quesadillas with your own version. Of course, with your dietary restrictions and the taste you want. You can add your favorite ingredients or reduce the composition that you don’t like. We’ll cover a healthier version of this meal in the sub-chapter below.

This food is a typical and traditional Mexican dish and you can get it in restaurants, especially in the Southern California or Los Angeles area. You can also make your own.

So, since you already know what Quesadillas are in general, let’s now discuss the nutritional facts contained in one serving of Quesadillas. Check the explanation below.

How Many Calories Contains In One Serving Of Quesadillas?

Knowing your daily calorie count is an important key to living a healthier and fitter life. This includes controlling what you eat and what activities you do.

In one serving of Quesadillas, you can get 360 calories with macronutrient details consisting of 21 grams of fat, 26 grams of protein, and also 15 grams of carbohydrates. The carbohydrate content in this food is not high.

In general, these foods are not bad for your health and meet your macronutrient needs as long as they are eaten within reasonable limits.

To get to your ideal weight, you just need to burn more calories than you put in. You can reduce fat if you are in a calorie deficit.

You can still be healthy and fit as long as you balance your diet with enough exercise. All you need to do is just calculate the number of calories that enter your body with the calories that come out.

That way, you don’t have to worry about eating your favorite food. As long as it meets the recommended macronutrient levels, namely 30% carbs, 30% fat, and 40% protein.

So if you already know the number of calories contained in a quesadilla, it’s time for you to know how to make this food yourself at home. You just need to take ingredients that are easy to find.

Cooking your own food is certainly more guaranteed hygienic, and you can adjust it to your taste. You can also replace the ingredients with healthier ingredients.
In the next section, we will try to guide you on how to cook delicious and healthy quesadillas made at home that taste the same as the original. We hope you like it.

How To Make Quesadillas At Home

Making Quesadillas is quite easy, you can buy the ingredients anywhere at a low price.

We will show you how to make homemade healthy quesadillas with higher nutrition than usual.

You can substitute corn or flour tortillas for whole-grain tortillas. Whole grains will keep you full longer. For the extra filling, add black beans or fresh vegetables and reduce the amount of cheese. You can bake it without oil to make it lower in fat.

Easy isn’t it? After you are free to eat your favorite food and know the calorie content, now is the time for you to keep your body fit with your ideal body weight.

How To Stay Healthy Even If You Eat A Lot of Quesadillas?

Quesadillas are delicious but they are a large intake of carbohydrates and fat if you eat them in excess. In effect, you will find yourself experiencing significant weight gain. Of course, you want to eat your favorite food without worry.

The key is how we keep our bodies healthy and fit by adjusting the number of calories that enter our bodies. This amount must be in accordance with the calories we spend each day.

So the first step to starting a healthy life and still eating your favorite dishes is to find information about our daily calorie needs. Then you should find out the percentage of macronutrients in your food. Then record and compare every week.

Therefore, if you like Quesadillas, then make them yourself at home. If you decide to buy at a restaurant, then ask to replace corn or flour tortillas with whole wheat tortillas if the restaurant does offer one. Whole wheat has a better carbohydrate content than corn and wheat flour and satiates you longer. You can also ask for a bit of cheese to reduce the fat and add lots of fresh greens which would be healthier and other fillings like nuts.

Many aspects affect your daily calorie needs. However, the main factors in your weight adjustment program such as weight loss and gain as well as other minor factors such as age, height, and gender.

Measuring Daily Calorie Method

To measure the level of daily calorie needs in your food, try the following method.
A simple but not very accurate way is to estimate the number of calories that can reduce your weight each week.

The second way may be slightly more accurate. Namely using the TDEE calculator available online. This calculation method is more effective than just guessing.

TDEE takes data on your physical activity and daily activity and depends on your daily body movements.

TDEE has a section called Thermic Effects of Physical Activity or TEPA. This feature contributes 15-30 percent of your daily calorie levels.

In other words, about 15 percent to 30 percent of the calories that enter your body you can control and this is quite a large percentage.

As we said before, the key to a fit body is to balance the food you eat with your daily physical activity. If you want to eat a lot without being restricted, then you must consistently balance it with exercise.

If you decide to start exercising, we ask you to keep track of your calorie intake through food. And try to be able to find out the number of calories that come out in each of your activities. Check-in a week whether there is a change in your body shape. Record the changes regularly in order to achieve your target.

If indeed nothing changes, then you can reduce your daily calorie count and start recording again. Do it until you get the body shape you want.

However, it is not recommended to reduce calorie intake below daily needs. The daily calorie requirement for women is 1,200 kcal and 1,500 kcal for men.

So can we use Quesadillas as a daily intake to stay healthy or even our diet?

If we look at the previous discussion, then if we eat one serving of Quesadillas it has a total of 360 kcal calories with macronutrient details of 26 protein, 21 grams of fat, and 15 grams of carbohydrates. You can use these details as a reference for reducing your daily calorie needs.

You can add protein and reduce fat by substituting whole grain bread for longer and fuller longer while still getting balanced macronutrients.

So you should not consume macronutrients in excess, it is not good if there are too many carbohydrates, fats, or even proteins that are not balanced with other nutrients.

Always remember that the best macronutrient ratio is 40% for protein and 30% for carbs and fat. But if you want to change it up a bit, add an extra 10 percent to carbs and cut back 10 percent to fat.

So with the macro calculation above, at least you have an idea about the daily calorie calculation and the needs and macronutrients your body needs.

How To Improve Exercise For Health And Fitness

You already know how to calculate and estimate your calorie needs. Now is the time for you to know how to build your muscles more stoutly in various exercises.
Building muscle is an advanced version of your physical training to burn fat and create an ideal body.
Finding a sport that suits you is very important because exercise should indeed become a daily habit for improving your life quality.

Eating Quesadillas will increase your calories little by little, but you can compensate by exercising regularly. You can eat the traditional version of the quesadillas, which is much tastier than the healthy version.

Burning calories with muscle strength always go hand in hand. Therefore, muscle-building training is very important to increase the intensity of your sport. This is important to learn after you read about calorie counting above.

That way, losing weight is no longer a problem that you have to worry about if you already know the basic theory.

Moving all the time is very important because it can burn fat. The more you move, the more calories are burned in your body. Therefore, starting to exercise is very important to maintain weight.
Building good muscles is one of the best methods of exercising and can affect your cardiovascular system.

Building muscle will burn a lot of calories and make physical work easier without having to put in the extra effort.

Exercising by training muscles and building them is indeed very important, but what must be considered is that continuous and consistent cardio training will make the burning of fat in your body decrease faster.
Building muscle strength with resistance training is often the most effective way to build toned, strong muscles. You can try it yourself.

3 Days to Build Muscle

You can use weights to help you build specific muscles depending on which areas of the muscles you want to develop.

This method tends to hurt you at first. But you do have to make sacrifices to get maximum results. By regularly doing strenuous exercise using extra energy, you can feel a significant difference in your health in the future.

You can buy your own dumbbells or go to a gym and hire an instructor. If you do it alone, try to lift the dumbbells starting from the lightest. You can try dumbbells at 2 lbs and work your way up to 3 lbs, up to 8 lbs. Be sure not to lift the dumbbell suddenly as it can potentially injure your arm. Use the correct body position and start lifting the dumbbells in an up-and-down motion until your muscles start to form.

We have created a muscle training simulation for Men and Women, try to follow these instructions if you are a beginner.

You can use this guide to start your weight training. If you successfully practice it, then you will see the results.


First-Day Workout : 

  • Cable Crunches: 4 sets 15 reps 
  • Triceps Rope Push Down: 3 sets 15 reps
  • Lateral Raises: 3 sets 15 reps
  • Shoulder Press: 3 sets 10 reps
  • Dumbbell Press: 4 sets 12 reps
  • Bench Press: 3 sets 10 reps

Second-Day Workout:

  • Weighted Toe Touches: 4 sets 25 reps
  • Weighted Sit-Ups: 4 sets 25 reps
  • Jumping Squats With Resistance Bands: 5 sets 20 reps
  • Glute Bridges With Weight: 4 sets 20 reps
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift (Romanian Deadlift): 4 sets 15 reps
  • Weighted Walking Lunges: 2 sets 20 steps
  • Goblet Squats: 4 sets 20 reps

Third-Day Workout:

  • Hammer Curls: 3 sets 10 reps
  • Bicep Curls: 3 sets 10 reps
  • Seated Cable Rows: 4 sets of 15 reps
  • Dumbbell Rows: 4 sets 10 reps (Each Side)
  • Lat Pulldowns: 4 sets 12 reps
  • Assisted Pull-Ups: 3 sets 10 reps


First-Day Workout:

  • Weighted Crunches: 3×35 
  • Lateral Raises: 4×15
  • Lat Pulldowns: 4×12
  • Knee Push-Ups: 4×20
  • Seated Shoulder Press: 4×20 
  • Dumbbell Row: 3×10
  • Dumbbell Fly: 3×10

Second-Day Workout:

  • Hammer Curls: 3×10
  • Bicep Curls: 3×10
  • Hamstring Curl: 4×15
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift: 4×15
  • Cable Row: 4×15
  • Lat Pulldowns: 4×12
  • Assisted Pull-Ups: 3×10

Third-Day Workout: 

  • Leg Lifts: 3×35
  • Weighted Crunches: 3×35 
  • Jump Squats: 4×20
  • Glute Kickbacks: 4×20 each leg
  • Glute Bridge: 4×20
  • Goblet Squats: 4×20
  • Squats: 5×5

If you are not used to exercising and intending to get used to it, we suggest you exercise for three days first. Because your muscles also need rest.

Use the LISS and HIIT methods to train your cardiovascular. LISS focuses on exercises that are light and can be repeated without needing to rest. Whereas HIIT is a higher level of exercise.

LISS is lighter because you can do it while exercising casually without the need for breaks such as walking or jogging while still sweating.

HIIT has a faster intensity and forces your heart and nerves to work suddenly. HIIT can be obtained from sprinting or martial arts movements.

And also, HIIT can help you burn calories in a shorter time but of course with extra energy.

You can combine these two methods for your cardio training. Use a ratio of 20 percent HIIT workouts to 80 percent LISS workouts.

This is quite effective because in general LISS does not shock the central nervous system and cardiac performance like HIIT does. You can safely do LISS exercises without needing much rest.

Final Words

Understanding the diet program and exercise program is very important because you will definitely want to eat delicious dishes like healthy Quesadillas without worrying about any health problems that might occur. If you exercise regularly, you can eat whatever food you like.

So basically, exercising is a way to live healthier and freer to enjoy anything, because basically, health and fitness will make all foods taste better. You just need to get started.

So we hope you understand that tracking the calories of every food you eat and balancing it with regular exercise will help you to live a healthy life.

Building muscles with heavy training can also help you increase your fitness level. do it consistently and you will feel the results in the long term.

Imagine if your body was a vehicle and calories were the fuel. You have to keep it as efficient as possible and make the most of it.

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