I have an intense love for living a healthy lifestyle filled with delicious and healing foods.

I strive to be healthy, but I’m also realistic; I don’t believe in anything that’s impossible. If you’re looking for a blog that is both entertaining and practical regarding health and wellness, you’ve arrived at the right place. Hi there, my name is Jamie, pleasure to make your acquaintance!

I like helping individuals meet their health and exercise objectives and talking with them about these matters. It’s great to be enthusiastic about a subject, but I have been a registered nutritionist since 2014 and have to restore my accreditation every 5 years by finishing continuing education hours to stay in practice.

I created this blog, because like I mentioned, I have a passion on helping people stray on track with their healthy eating habits, fitness goals and making it a lifestyle.. Regardless the reasons, I want everyone to live a healthier lifestyle filled with good food and lots of fitness.