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The Functionality of an Immigration Bond

There are many cases of individuals being held custody by a government of a country for immigration fraud. An immigration bond is an amount in a bond that the individual is subjected to paying for the immigration case and more information here. Once an individual is held custody, there are specific qualifications for the payment of a bond and one must meet such qualification before being legible for an immigration bond. The payment of the bond is no guarantee of freedom from the immigration case. More information here have it that there are many kinds of bond. the delivery and the voluntary ones. There are many reasons why someone may opt for a bond and according to the situation, payment of a bond is ideal.

The delivery bond is among the types of bond that one may pay. The reason for paying this type of bond is so that the detainee may be released and given time to collect documents and more information here that could be helpful in court in the argument of the case. When the case has been concluded then the individual may have the collateral that was used back. Once the case is closed, the detainee may have the bond process completed by a family member or a trusted person. There is a steady increase in the amount that people pay for the delivery bond. The judge is in charge of releasing the amount that the detainee is supposed to pay for the bond. There are various things that the judge uses to decide on the bond amount.

The other type of bond is the voluntary bond. The voluntary bond differs a lot from the delivery bond. Own decision by a detainee to leave the country and pay a bond is called the voluntary bond. The departure bond just as the name suggests is a bond that is paid when an individual is to leave the country. More information here departure bond just as the name suggests is for the departure of the detainee and it is refunded to the detainee if it was paid in full when the detainee was leaving the country and again the amount can be forfeited when the individual fails to leave the country.

There are different ways to pay for the bond and one may choose to pay the cash bond or the surety bond. More information here on the surety bond requires that the friend of family members of the detainee source help from an immigration bond agent. For the cash bond, the family member or friend of the detainee may pay the entire amount in cash to the ICE and once the case is closed, the amount is refunded to the detainee.