What Is Your Phobia?

Who would have thought that a member of a species that tends to be more social in nature would have such an intense shyness or fear of socializing with other members of its own species? For more severe cases, the person may choose to go hungry than eat something in particular and can have a very dangerous result. They will be able to work with the negative emotions that result in Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks, OCD, PTSD and other related issues.

The subjects that social phobia and agoraphobia suffers fear are common in a lot of people. Emetophobia-Concern of vomit in public places or observing someone else vomit, also thought to be to be one of the most common phobias. Social phobia is a generic term describing the intense fear of an individual to be humiliated in a social gatherings and public places.

Fright is a natural response that keeps you away from harmful situations. No, this is about the irrational, illogical and creative unconscious mind which is a great virtual reality simulator – creating monsters in the mind which, of course, do not exist in the real world.

People with this kind of fear will find it hard to stay in public places like parks and other areas where there are a considerable number of people such as malls, stadium and church. Your feelings of fright and phobic reactions do not always relate to your immediate experience.

Most people who experience traumatic events such as road/rail/air accidents or incidents involving violence can expect to have at least some disturbing physical and emotional reactions associated with shock and horror. People who are afraid of needles normally suffer from trypanophobia.