What Are Phobias And What Is Emetophobia?

Fear is one thing that has been existent since the beginning of time. There are two parts to your mind – one that thinks, and one that feels. It can make people feel anything from a mild jittery sensation (butterflies in the stomach) to physically sick. Phobias means people might fear snakes, spiders, heights, water, driving, or many different things.

The anxiety episodes are so upsetting, that many people strive, regardless of the consequences, to avoid a repeat performance. The extreme, unchecked and inappropriate response of their bodies is upsetting and humiliating and very few people want to knowingly expose themselves to an increased chance of a panic attack.

This works by putting yourself into the situation that triggers your anxiety a little at a time until it stops bothering you, then going a little further. Where children are concerned, although they may be having problems which show many of the same features as adult Anxiety disorders, it is not recommend trying to adapt a self-help approach without getting advice.

Many traditional phobia treatments, including drugs, attempt to deal with the phobia by calming things down after this response pattern has triggered. The hydrophobia is so intense that people suffering from rabies even refuse to consume water leading to terminal illness.

The key to curing phobias is to work with, rather than against the unconscious part of the mind that created the phobia, allowing it to re-evaluate these objects or situations as non-life threatening. Most children go through phases when they are frightened of particular things – these are part of their normal development and are usually outgrown.