The Health

The three basic tools for completing a physical examination are medical history, hands-on examination, and diagnostic/laboratory tests. Positive thinking actually creates chemistry in your body that improves health. The Wisconsin University after a study has concluded that flavonoids present in red wine prevent the blood platelets from getting sticky and hence prevent blood clots and decrease the risk of getting a heart attack.

The blood alcohol concentration of ethyl alcohol is affected by the rate of consumption, the type of alcoholic beverage being consumed, the body weight of the individual drinking, and the drinker’s tolerance to alcohol. Workplace safety hazards are normally grouped into environmental hazards, environmental agents, physical agents, physical hazards, chemical agents, and biological hazards.

Clean drinking water, clean and safe kitchen and eating areas are maintained. A great way to start is to take 5 minutes out at the start of each day and sit upright, close our eyes and breath deeply and slowly counting to 4 in and 4 out. A medical history is the most important part of the physical examination, especially during the first visit with your physician.

Tomatoes are a good source of potassium, niacin, vitamin B6, and folate. Women have been found to have a tendency more towards a pear shape when the main part of their excess fat is stored around the hip area. Health problems are often related to where body fat is located so it is important to take note of various body types.

A stethoscope is the physician’s basic listening device and is used to listen to the heart, lungs, abdomen, and glands located near the surface of the skin. All of these factors should be considered when beginning to fight the problem of obesity so that a person can begin to lead a healthier life and move beyond the problem.