The Federal Law On Disability

If your receive disability benefits Social Security will do periodic reviews to see if you are still eligible for benefits. With an arm amputated and blind in one eye, ‘the statue of Horatio Nelson defies modern infatuation with physical perfection by flouting his impairments.’ He contrasts Admiral Nelson with the wheel-chair using wartime US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

These conditions are so severe, they are known to be either debilitating or have a high rate of causing incapacitation, such as stomach cancer, liver cancer, chronic heart failure, severe coronary artery disease or stroke and severe psychiatric impairments like major depression and psychosis.

Mike Oliver (1996), an academic with first-hand experience of disability and what it entails, calls the medical model an ‘individual model’ making a binary distinction between it and the social models which followed the Disabled People’s Movement in the 1970s.

The other instance is when your case has been denied at the second level of appeal, the administrative hearing, and either the claimant or the disability attorney representing the claimant has been advised that is unlikely an appeals council will overturn the judge’s decision (the appeals council is the third and final level of appeal in the disability determination process-if it is unlikely to succeed, then you really have no choice but to rethink your case and start over, preferably with more medical evidence to support your disability claim than you had the first time around).

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is intended to supplement the income of a disabled person who does not make enough money to get by. Eligibility will be determined by assets (bank accounts, vehicles, land or real estate ownership) as well as household income.