Tantric Yoga

Yoga has been practiced by various sages since ancient times. You are never too old to start yoga, I have met people in their seventies starting for the first time and experiencing life changing affects. In the process of applying the traditional physical disciplines involving nutrition, exercise, breathing exercises, postural controls and relaxation the yogi comes to better health and to understand his body.

The benefits of all three options is that you stay at home, free to do Yoga at your time and pace, and most probably, before going to bed. It works with the student’s mental attitude and perspective and incorporates the eight limbs of yoga into practice. Basic poses will be introduced, mainly for stretching purposes and to establish the body into the yoga mind frame.

Each one makes use of the physical postures and breathing to strengthen the body for meditation, an inherent part of yoga practice. A yogic treatment like Asanas (poses), Pranayama (breathing techniques), and Dhyana (meditation) restores the normal functioning of the pancreas and other glands of the endocrinal system.

Many programs, for children, start with five or six dedicated students, and then flourish as the news of the benefits become available. Do you want more focus on meditation or just the health aspects? This is due in part to the rapid spread and “Americanization” of yoga – it is now socially acceptable, even en vogue in many parts of the country to practice yoga, whereas just two decades ago yoga was seen as suspect, even cultish.

How do you make sure that you get the great stress relief and other benefits of yoga? Practicing yoga can help put this right and bring our physical systems into balance by reducing stress. At a time, when physical education is experiencing serious cut backs in public schools, children need healthy activities.