Social Security Disability

How often have you told someone or have you been told to be proactive – to take problems into your own hands, take charge and stop being reactive? Disability Insurance is based upon an applicant’s disabled state or medical condition. The Social Security Administration operates two disability benefits programs. While at your doctor’s office there are some things you can do to help better present a SSI Disability or SSDI benefits case.

If you have a dire need situation, you may be able to work with Social Security to move the hearing date up (see Social Security or your disability lawyer for more information). The above is a wide ranging exploration of academic discourse comparing and contrasting the concepts of the medical model and the social model of disability.

Well, there are some cases that get stuck in the disability system for even longer. SSA determines if you are eligible for DIB, based on your work history during the years before you became totally disabled. Because the second appeal for benefits is decided by a federal administrative law judge (ALJ), rather than a state disability examiner.

By definition, to qualify for Social Security Disability you have to have a condition that will leave you unable to perform ANY work related activities for a period of 12 months or more, or end in death. This level, especially the Federal District Court, may take years to give a decision.

For the doctor’s notes to be of use to help your COPD disability case they need to be in a form that is legible to a person at the Social Security Administration that would be reviewing the notes as evidence. In 2009/10 Remploy placed 10,500 disabled people in jobs in a range of sectors.