Quantum Physics Mantras = Meditation

There are many different approaches to meditation but the aim of each meditation is to enable the practitioner to develop a calm and quiet mind. At a practical level, daydreaming can be explained as lack of confidence in yourself to make things happen. Thank God for all his help before and during meditation. Reflect: This step is about reflecting on the chosen passage or prayer by focusing your thoughts on it and then seeking answers to questions that will force the mind into deeper contemplation.

Also if you are meditating for a special purpose, make sure that you have complete trust on the power of meditation and its’ ability to let you achieve what you desire. If you are just starting out, and trying to learn how to meditate or you always have trouble clearing you mind of all thoughts, a good thing to do is start from your feet and work you way up your body slowly relaxing each part of you.

However, they are not able to obtain the best benefits out of meditation. Escaping the rigors of everyday life. I find it very amazing that often in life the books you come across reflect your present state of evolvement. Cannot take hold, because your attention is already engaged.

Let the higher self, the universal spirit take control of your mind. Their medicinal properties are amazing and the number of people using Binaural Beats is growing everyday. When you think of your Self as part of that ultimate truth or Universal being, the separateness is replaced by feelings of support and security and the edge is subdued.

‘Let me be in that blissful state of mind where there is pure joy. As this awareness increases we will learn that these true vibrations of our higher self are actually not our higher self but the vibrations and realm of an even more basic understanding of universal and spiritual consciousness.