Mindful Meditation

Google “Meditation” and you’ll get literally over 24 million hits. If you wish to meditate, relax, or simply rest, for a few minutes or an hour, this CD will help you do that. Look at the powerful key words I am pulling out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God and into my reality. I try to find some mindfulness stress reduction meditation.

Think about any sensations that you feel and just be aware of how the air feels as it moves through your body, nourishing all your organs and keeping you strong and healthy. My senses are sharpened and I feel an inner state of pin drop silence regardless of how much noisy the outside world is. In this state my awareness of the surroundings and of my own physique and psyche is at its keenest.

It shifts your focus from the chatter going on in your mind, and it brings your attention to God. Through meditation we have the opportunity to heal the mind, heal the body and in quiet contemplation we are re-introduced to who we truly are and to our true balance.

You will find that when you first try the object visualization technique that using a simple object will make life easier to help maintain focus and concentration during the meditation session. In this state, I am aware of the presence of something more powerful than me that is pure goodness.

You can take a bath before meditating; this will refresh your body and your mind. Whatever cruelty is going on, it’s on outer side, it can never reach the inner sanctum of my heart because my spirit belongs to me. Imagining like this relieves my agony and frustration.