Meditation Tips

There are lots of different types of meditation practice. So find a place or make an arrangement so that guidance will be available whenever required. However, you do not have to be an accomplished yogi or Buddhist Master to practice meditation effectively, you don’t need to pretzel yourself into lotus pose – truly, for many of us, Lotus Pose is simply too physically challenging to allow focus.

On exhalation, choose a vowel, pitch and volume that feel comfortable and effortless, and sing a steady tone until you’re ready to take a new breath. By making you less reactive and irritable, your awareness is more responsive, giving you greater perspective to see and feel things as little occurrences instead of crisis.

Since that time, whenever I have trouble falling asleep or have any physical or psychological trouble, I focus my mind on a void in front of my eyes or allow it to float through random images of things. It is much more difficult to experience a sense of expansion when meditating in the mind.

With both of these techniques I recommend that you do NOT use meditation music. What can improve you meditation practice and your overall spiritual growth is remembering to look at yourself during the day. When I cannot, I ask help from God. In one instance, I felt urged while meditating to find a new apartment prior to my outer knowledge that burglers were breaking into the building where I lived.

Always make sure that you inform someone that you are to be left alone when you are going to meditate as it can be dangerous if someone startles you suddenly. Ask for God’s help. You see a few minutes each day will give you abundant benefits, over time. You may want to do the same way as I do or you may find your own way of meditating or focusing.