Meditation, Prayer And Spirituality

Meditation is always a good thing to do. It helps to relieve stress and become relaxed and focused. Until that time, I used to believe in God out of cultural and religious influence and as a regular part of life. A couple times a day I give myself a request; early in the morning and right before I am going to bed. If the trance lasts long, the hum stops and I feel like being at the bottom of my mind hearing everything with ten times greater magnitude.

Hopefully soon I will have enough command over my mind to experience that peaceful, receptive state more often. Focusing on these running images gets me in a trance like mode. The first time I tried walking meditation, years ago at a Buddhist meditation retreat, I felt like a child learning to move her limbs in relation to space.

As you learn to do this, eventually you will be able to maintain this bright awareness for the entire meditation period with few thoughts arising. The mind does not like to stop thinking and most people find it difficult to sit still for long periods. If you grew up thinking that you really have no control over your life, you will be scared to take any action.

People who have just begun with their meditation practice will definitely find this chair, a great way of increasing concentration level. Along with this satisfaction of simple living, control of senses and mindfulness he chooses and lives in a quiet and undisturbed place as his dwelling place.

2) Where there are lots of works to do and you are needed to give a hand, in that place you cannot do your meditation properly. In this technique sense of vision plays a role even though eyes are shut. Volume of your thoughts by “boring” your logical mind with a repeated experience.