Meditation On Heart Chakra

The purpose of all kinds of meditation is to create a deeper understanding of the self through concentration and reflection. Without stress reduction meditation, still I continue to feel the same inner tensions. During meditation , my life intertwines with God and because of this deeper divine communion, meditation carries wisdom on its coattails. I listen better to the sounds around me. Most of all, my mind gets the necessary respite from the constant hustle-bustle of thoughts, emotions, anxieties and worries.

This eventually leads to peace of mind, reduction of cravings and feeling of oneness with the rest of the world. Meditation does not require that you subscribe to any particular spiritual path, you need not meditate on any God at all – though prayer is a meditative act.

Now I want you to direct your attention to other parts of your body. The gentleness of the feeling and the grace of the body┬┤s movement whilst walking helps breakdown the automatic mental responses and encourages the deeper state of awareness of the present moment.

The merkaba is activated through an ancient way of breathing and meditation that restarts and spins the geometric energy fields surrounding the body. Make sure that the trainer you appoint for yourself is experience and has been practicing for a long time. Although I still struggle a lot to get into that receptive and pin drop silence mode, I am now able to do so at least for a small amount of time albeit not as often as I would like.

1. When we try to meditate in the mind it is difficult to distance ourselves from our thoughts. Once you have done this and are seated comfortably free your mind of all your worries; feel a complete and unconditional love for everything around you and imagine that love being returned.