Physical Therapy

Kids And Physical Therapy

When most of us think of medical malpractice, we think of dramatic surgical errors, birth injuries, or radical, dangerous treatments. You may start off thinking that you will be contented practicing entry-level physical therapy, but over the years, you may find yourself recording your real achievements as getting this patient to walk again, or getting that patient to write again, and just overall, providing the patients who come to you with a better quality of life that they were meant to live.

Many times, prevention is as simple as a correction in posture, body movement, and doing stretches, which most patients are usually unaware of, therefore, it is the therapist’s responsibility to bring these to their attention through instructions or handouts.

Once successful graduates of physical therapy schools have obtained their license to practice (All states require physical therapists to pass a licensure exam.1), professional physical therapists can expect to attain gainful employment in the medical health care field.

Many times, therapists find themselves teaching patients basic motor skills like how to get up and out of bed then sitting on a chair from this position, walking with crutches on uneven ground, and retraining patients how to write or walk again either with damaged, but recovering limbs or with prosthetics.

The second part consists of the Physical Therapy graduate program, which takes three years to complete and includes participating and completing practicum training, which is where you will receive a lot of your first-time exposure to the actual practice of PT.