Dental Care

General Dental Care

Clean and shining teeth, healthy gums and pleasant breath all contribute to a beautiful smile. Most vets would agree that dental problems can stem from other sorts of health issues and should not be ignored. Most people rush through their brushing as a minor inconvenience. We all know that we should be cleaning our teeth twice a day… but you know there is a little bit more you could know that would make a big difference to your dental health.

Methyl methactylate is a chemical compound used to make resins and plastics and is found in some dental products and can aggravate breathing in even those who are not asthmatic. Fortunately the dentist will numb your mouth so there is no pain and nothing to be worried about.

Regular visits to the dentist, for routine checkups, remedial dental care and dental hygiene sessions, is equally important for babies, children and adults alike. It is important to note that you spend about 3 minutes in brushing your teeth. Take a spoonful of the mixture and apply it to the affected gum area twice a day.

You can buy special toothbrushes designed for cats but a child’s toothbrush will be just as good, just make sure the bristles are soft so they do not cut the gums. Even if you brush regularly, unless you also floss there will be areas of your mouth you can’t get clean.

Before choosing a plan make sure that the participating dentists practice in your area. When deep cleaning is done by a dentist, he first aims at removing the plaque which are found on the upper and lower parts of the gums and next the next treatment is root planing.