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The use of exercise and fitness equipment often results in injury because of the high impact associated with using it. There are, however, various types of low impact exercise and fitness equipment available in the market. Some elliptical trainers also include cross-training bars, allowing users to strengthen their arm muscles as well as their leg muscles. But don’t fall into the trap of reading all the time, because it’s my belief that the body doesn’t work quite as hard under these circumstances.

Both Pilates and yoga require some equipment to provide the maximum amount of resistance to provide an effective workout. Naturally when looking to purchase a piece of fitness equipment it is vital that you take into account the amount of space you have available.

Cardio, or cardiovascular exercise, is important for a healthy heart, and burns fat by raising the heart rate. Then pull the weights to level with your shoulders. If you start noticing sore and achy joints, this is a good sign it may be time to change those shoes for a new pair.

After using it now for over five years, I’m just as eager to workout as I was on day one. Home exercise is typically a good idea, if you use the equipment regularly the initial outlay is soon surpassed by the money saved from not paying a gym membership. Weight machines have weights connected to a pulley that the user can use by pushing or pulling other parts of the exercise machine.

Though there are different varieties of machines and equipments, some of the most common and important equipments include the following. The recent buzz created in the fitness equipment market calls for treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. Generally, people have a preference for free weights to weight machines, because the entire body goes through the workout while using the former.