Disability Update Report

Hypogammaglobulinemia, a 21 letter mouthful that is as difficult to understand as to pronounce. A good example of a drastic change in the medical model is that only about four decades ago, the universally acclaimed and used Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) listed homosexuality as a mental illness. The more we take responsibility for our current situation and work as a team to find a solution the more successful we will be. Individuals and organizations have thrived in the midst of enormous adversity.

If you want to live a happy, productive life, you must begin to see yourself, not as disabled, but as having a handicap to overcome. If so, their claim for disability benefits will probably be denied. Take some time to make an honest inventory of what you’ve got, rather than what you lost.

If you live in a State that Social Security has designated as a “Disability Prototype” State, the first step for your appeal is to request a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is better to refer to disabled or handicapped people as “people with disabilities” which avoids wholly defining a person’s existence and circumstances by reference to their disability.

If your claim is denied at reconsideration and you have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, your claim will likely have been pending for a year to a year and a half before you receive the ALJ decision. For them, disability is not just a medical condition.

Social Security defines disability for these purposes to be a total disability, not a partial disability. Disability as defined by ADA applies to persons who are thought to have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits major life activity including walking, talking, seeing, and learning.