Aromatherapy Headache Treatment

The art of aromatherapy might be centuries old, but it is not limited to massage only. René-Maurice Gattefossé, A Frenchman, is first thought to have used the term aromatherapy after he supposedly treated a nasty burn with the nearest liquid to hand which turned out to be oil distilled from lavender. Aromatherapy, just by its name, would immediately give us the idea that it has to do something with our sense of smell.

One emotion can be the trigger causing a cascade effect of other emotions. The choices of different essential oils for aromatherapy had been dictated by the desired effects its users want from them. To use it in a mild and refreshing way use 2 or 3 drops while bathing.

Aromatherapy can be used as an adjunct here to assist with relaxation. People everywhere are finding out about the benefits of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can be used as a mouth wash for bad breath using Myrrh, or toothaches using Cloves. Aromatic plants and essential oils were used in biblical times.

The oils directly kill the pathogens that may be disrupting the person’s health and well-being. The increasing respect that aromatherapy commands from the general public, hospitals, and medical centers around the world speaks for itself, as more and more people benefit from this gentle and subtle, yet highly effective therapy.

Essential oils form a bridge commonly used by Auric Healers to set a communication link between the physical and etheric bodies. By being consciously aware of the incense or oil we are using, and by being aware of its properties, and in tune with our intention, we can work more effectively and more powerfully, whether it be in healing or meditation techniques.