Physical Therapy

A Physical Therapy Program

What is the largest joint in our body? A person who has shoulder surgery will have to move his shoulder in a variety of directions during the healing process or risk losing the use of it. Exercise in general is good for your health anyway, it helps build up your lungs, your heart, and increases your endurance.

Scientists have recently proven that the treatment of obesity by diet only, or exercise only, does not fit, both are two sides of a single coin, especially that exercise maintains muscle mass and strength, while the diet alone does not do so, and help exercise to break fat The excess of the body, increases the efficiency of the heart muscle, reduces the chances of arterial disease and various types of diabetes diseases.

Patients who require physical therapy include those with permanent disabilities, those who have lost the function of their limbs due to an accident, or those with disabling conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, head injuries, cerebral palsy, and low back pain.

These applicants will be approved to sit for the examination with the condition of meeting rest of the eligibility requirements, pending submission of evidence of successful completion of the APTA-credentialed clinical residency to APTA’s Specialists Certification Program.

After the fixation of the fracture by the surgeon, the role of physical therapy comes directly, as it has a vital role in restoring the movement of joints and muscles, and use ultrasound devices immediately after the fracture to increase the ability of fracture to heal, and increases the proportion of minerals forming those bones and increase bone density.