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4 Surprising Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Health

Yoga has been practiced by many cultures for many centuries. Read below to find out some of the key benefits of a regular yoga practice.


Addiction Recovery

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, food, or even unhealthy relationships, being addicted to something can make life tumultuous. Coupled with custom recovery coaching, yoga can help create a healthy mindset that is able to resist detrimental habits. Yoga and meditation can help focus the mind and offer peace, comfort, and control to say no to a destructive vice.


Improve Cardiovascular Health

Yoga can be far more than just your average light stretching. The breath control and breathing routines alone can boost pulmonary health and prime your vascular system making yoga a great way to help lower blood pressure and improve breathing. While more relaxing yoga classes can have their own cardiac health benefits, classes that are more fast-paced and focused on strength building are great for exercising your heart muscles.


Aid in Digestion

Do you have troubled or inefficient digestion? Yoga may be able to help. All the movement and breathing you do while practicing yoga helps to massage and stimulate your digestive organs which can help them function better. There are even specific poses and yoga sequences for people with IBS and other gastric or intestinal ailments.


Minimize Stress

Exercise, in general, has been shown to aid in reducing stress levels and improve mood. But yoga has added mental health benefits. Focusing on your breath and linking it to movement can be a great way to calm an overactive or anxious mind. The endorphins your body releases during a yoga session are mood-boosting powerhouses that can help fight depression and enhance self-esteem.


Not sold on the value that yoga can have in your life. Try out a class in your local studio to find out for yourself!