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Fitness equipment for home is an essential part of staying in shape for life. Hence instead of going for those machines, one can opt for home made gym equipments that provide you the same advantages and you end up with little expenses. Again a very basic treadmill will cost you just a few hundred dollars but, like the stair stepper, a feature-packed treadmill will set you back at least $1,000 and could easily come in at about $2,000 with all of the features you’ll want to have.

New insight is being learned all the time regarding different activities and how they work in the body. This machine allows you to do more back workouts and also improve posture. Here is your guide on these 3 basic fitness equipments. I find the punching bag works best with some loud music and a good warm up before hand, so you don’t pull your hamstrings.

Many people also try to tone up by lifting weights. Many people who are trying to lose weight include cardio in their workout since that is usually how fat is burned the fastest. As per studies, while comparing it with the other two machines, it was found that it is better than the other two equipments.

The machine caters to the aspect of fitness by allowing the user to maintain their heart rates without putting stress on knees, feet, hips and ankles. Stationary bicycles and stair climbers are also an excellent way to receive an aerobic workout with very little stress or strain to your body.

Treadmills are often the most popular piece of cardio equipment in a gym. One type of fitness equipment that some people forget about is a yoga mat. A simple model, offering you the ability to get a good cardiovascular workout in a small space at home with low joint impact, while building thighs and calves will cost from about $80 up to $150.