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What to Look for in Crabs

Preparing crabs is not the hardest part, however choosing the types to cook seems to be hectic. If you are finding it hard choosing crabs, the following guide will assist you in choosing the best one for your family. Since you wont go to the beach to catch the crabs, you will have to get them from seafood shops.

When you decide to buy crabs from seafood outlets, it is vital to check where they are kept. It is a good idea for people looking for crabs to consider buying those kept in dry places. Though crabs kept in water tanks may look fresh, buying them is a loss. Ensure that the crabs you want to buy have not stayed in the store for more than two days since they need to be cooked within two days of being caught. For restaurants and homeowners to get fresh crabs, they need to have information about when the crabs were caught.

In addition, buyers need to check the crabs’ activity level. It is a good idea to get a live crab not a dying or a dead one. The carcass smells bad within hours.

In addition to checking their freshness, buyers also need to pay attention to their claws. It is worth noting that crabs with bigger claws are matured enough hence there are ideal for meals. Restaurants in need of crabs need to know the gender of crabs they want to serve their clients. If you are looking for a female crab, you should consider looking for those with a wide T shaped apron, on the other hand, male crabs have a narrow apron. When you want male crabs, check for those with blue claws, besides, those who want female ones need to consider buying those with red-tipped claws.

Since crabs come in different sizes, you need to know the size you want. The size of the crabs tend to differ, for instance, while some are small, others are bigger in size. Some crab dealers tend to classify crabs according to numbers including number one, two and three. Number one refers to the largest, heaviest males, number two are smaller males while number three is the smallest crabs.

It is also vital to pay attention to the legal size of the crab. Before you buy crabs, it is important to go through the set rules and regulations that govern the size of crabs to be used as meals.

Whether you are buying crabs to prepare for your family or clients at a restaurant, it is important to know your audience. Since you will be preparing crabs for your audience, it is vital to consider getting crabs that will best meet their needs. Getting jumbo crab for kids may not be the best idea, instead, get them something easy for them.

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