Varicose Veins Treatment Top 17 herbs and medicines

First aid with a remedy for varicose veins

The famous varicose veins are a curse for every lady.

The situation is even more complicated during the summer months as temperatures rise. It is at this time of the year that there is another problem for the sufferers of varicose veins and especially for the ladies who feel complex in the thought that the ugly “net” on their legs is seen in the wearing of skirts and dresses.

This of course does not mean the varicose veins suffer only the ladies. Just the feeling of discomfort from the weight of the legs is combined and complex with the thought that the unpleasant veins and capillaries are visible to others.While in winter we can hide it with a pantyhose in a darker color and even carry a special one for varicose veins, the situation is different in the summer.

If you also suffer from varicose veins, we offer tried-and-tested recipes to address the problem, which will return not only the lightness in your legs but also the lost self-esteem.

It is extremely important to deal with the problem of eliminating the causes that lead to it. Unfortunately, we can not always exclude all factors, but at least some of them. There is always a way to help ourselves.

First of all, movement is very important. If you spend a lot of time seated or standing in one place, do not forget to move every hour. The best thing to do is raise your legs high, but that’s hardly possible, especially when you’re at work.

The ladies of great importance are the shoes and the trousers they wear. Your favorite high heels and tight jeans can only deepen the problem. Wear loose clothing that does not make the circulation in the lower limbs more difficult.

Rotate shower with hot and cold water. The contrast showers tonify the walls of the blood vessels.Whenever you start to feel weight in your legs, it is good to massage it to make the blood flow. It is very important that the massage movements are made from the bottom up, as this increases the flow of blood to the heart.

During your sleep, your feet should be at a higher level than your body. You can use a high pillow to put them underneath.

There are, of course, dozens of ointments and in-house means to get rid of the problem. Here we will let you know below.

Herbs and home remedies for varicose veins.

Mother Nature will take care of you, offering you a great variety of herbs to alleviate the pain symptoms.

The herbs that will help with varicose veins are St. John’s wort, lavender, mint, rosemary, wild chestnut blossoms, birch buds, white lilac, nettle , burdock, marigold , walnut leaves (not internally accepted), yellow marshmallows and oak bark (for compresses).

You can apply them both internally and externally in the form of different creams and conditioners.

Immediate relief will be felt by massaging your feet with homemade chestnut ointment. Chestnut colors (dry or fresh) mixed with base oil (may also be oil or olive oil). The proportion is one to ten.

This mixture stays in the dark for ten days and then boils for a few minutes. After removing the fire, pour it into a bottle that is filled with alcohol. The so prepared mixture is applied to the painful areas every day.

After 4 months of regular application you will get rid of the annoying legs on your legs.

With burdock and yellow marsh (using fresh leaves) you can make a magic ointment. It is necessary to chop them finely and the resulting mass to strain through a strainer. It is then diluted with fat in equal proportions.

Massages and butter extracts of St John’s wort (50 grams of herb, soaked in 100 grams of olive oil for two weeks in the sun).

A bath with lavender decoction, mint and juniper makes miracles. The same combination can be found in the form of bath salts.


Honey makes miracles with the sufferers of varicose veins. The recipe we offer is proven and has proven effectiveness.

Half a pound of bee product is mixed with 20 fresh leaves of indirce, apricot kernels (also 20 that we have crushed before), 4 lemons (passionate), 12 drops of valerian and gingival tincture. For flavor and better taste add a pinch of cinnamon. Taking a spoon three times a day, just before meals.

Taking the tasty mixture can continue until you feel the relief.

Wild (horse) chestnut

Horse chestnut is another tried and tested remedy for the unpleasant problem. More ancient healers recommend it as a means, sweeping swelling and tension.

You can cook chestnut bran (sold in cosmetic stores and serve for peeling), mixing them with lukewarm water and a little apple cider vinegar. With the ointment so prepared, the problem areas are blurred, then wrapped with a towel and stays for half an hour. The body must be at rest.

Apple vinegar

The apple vinegar, known as a temperature-reducing agent, will relieve your tired legs. Instant effect gives compresses with towels soaked in apple vinegar. You can sleep all night. And you want to instantly relieve the pain from the swelling, you can put wafers in apple vinegar for a few minutes in the freezer and then put them on your feet.

Magnesium oil

Magnesium chloride, containing increasingly popular magnesium oil , has over 320 enzyme reactions in contact with the skin.

As a result, the elasticity of the muscle fibers and the walls of the blood vessels is improved. They become more resistant to the pressure the veins give them, and this leads to avoiding their “pop”.

It is no accident that this magic oil is used by athletes. It is easy to use and its price is affordable.

Cabbage and cabbage leaves

Instant effects are also provided by cabbage compresses . It is best to impose the outer leaves of the cabbage on your legs after thoroughly washing them. Cabbage literally “pulls” the pain from your legs and you will feel the beaten ease.

Recommended specialist

One of the prominent specialists that people recommend is Dr. Anastas Anastasov. He is widely recognized in the field of precision vascular surgery, in particular healing and varicosis.

Humama has the ability to extract fluids and impurities from the skin, which results in improved blood circulation. Blood circulation is the cause of varicose veins.

Well, in such cases, paws with humor work well. In their preparation the clay is diluted with water and a little apple vinegar. The mixture is applied to the gauze and only then the dressing is made on the problem area.

For better effect, you can add a few drops of juniper, peppermint and lavender oil to the mixture that will soothe the swelling immediately.

Vanga Recipes

Vanga’s recipe is also priceless for those suffering from varicose veins. The Prophet has bequeathed us and dozens of ways to deal with the problem. We offer you, the most popular of them, which are posted on the website Vanga.

Some of them may make you strange and impossible to perform, but the effect is worth it. One of them is fresh pork liver is cut into pieces that are poured in sulfur. With them, they inflame the inflamed areas.

To fulfill another prescription of the prophetess, you need about 30-40 small nuts. They are placed in a saucepan and filled with olive oil. The amount of fat should cover them. All of this should stay in the sun for 40 days, after which the patient can start to smear with the oil.

It is also good to drink a sip of water in which the night oak ash from oak bark (one tablespoon of peel on two glasses of water).


They work well on the walls of the blood vessels and tonic compresses. Suitable herbs for them are lavender, juniper, rosemary, mint (due to its strong cooling effect), St. John’s Wort, oak bark, marigold. Composting potions are prepared in the same way – put half a liter of water into two spoonfuls of the herb).

Several towels are watered with the prepared liquid, wrapping around the legs and staying for at least half an hour. You can prepare a decoction from just one of the herbs or mix a few.

It is also recommended to immerse long socks in the potion and to sleep with them. In this way, the beneficial ingredients of the herbs will work all night and the effect of the procedure will be longer lasting.

The usual treatment

Conventional varicose veins treatment includes medication-based therapy. You can choose whether to trust conventional medicine or homeopathic medicine. Both offer alternatives to address the problem.

In order for the treatment to be effective, it is necessary to observe certain nutritional and motor regimes. You should not stay in one place for long, as this results in delayed circulation.

It is advisable to do gymnastics every morning.

Cigarettes and alcohol belong to the group of forbidden things in varicose veins. In addition, you should also forget about savory and salty foods. Emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables and non-fat meats. Consumption of oatmeal, beets and cherries is mandatory.


Do not hurry, however, to reach out to medicines, as they can cause damage not only to your stomach but also to your heart and liver. The usual medications prescribed in such cases are derelex, phlebodia, varicillin and others.


There are no complaints such as nausea, headache, diarrhea and even colitis as a consequence of taking it.

Maybe a detralex is your acquaintance? It is one of the most commonly prescribed medications for toning the venous walls and alleviating the pain symptoms of varicose veins. Treatment with it should not last more than half a month. It’s good to start before the summer season.


Flebody has the same effect as a detralex. It should be taken with caution from allergic to cochineal.


Antiflegmin is a topical medication for treating wounds in ruminants. It is intended for the treatment of predominantly inflamed umbilicus and contains camphor in large quantities.

There are more people who are reaching this drug and claim that it has helped them deal with injuries of limbs, muscles, tendons, hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

In recent years, more and more celebrities have been reaching him. The fact is that animal medications are more concentrated and may be due to their rapid action in humans.

Although some of the specialists are opposed to the treatment of people with medication for animals, there are also those who are strongly recommending them.


Trcsveazine is available as tablets and spread gel. It not only improves the action of the venous walls, but also removes swelling in the lymph. It is also recommended for diabetics.

Operation and laser treatment (ablation)

The cracking of the veins can lead to bleeding which is life-threatening. When there are preconditions for this to happen, your doctor will probably offer you an operational remedy.

Modern medicine offers another option – ablation. This is the introduction of heat into the vein by a laser pulse as a result of which it shrinks and stops the blood flow to it.

The procedure itself is quite painful, although a painkiller is used. But, on the other hand, the recovery is times faster and lighter than the standard operation.

Before handling, it is necessary to stop taking blood coagulation medication and any anti-inflammatory drugs. This will be discussed in advance with the specialist who will perform the manipulation.

After the procedure, the patient can immediately return to normal life. Only 7% of the cases have recurrence of varicose veins after laser manipulation.

Elastic sock for varicose veins

Special elastic socks for varicose veins can be found in pharmacies and orthopedic stores. They relieve significant pain. Wearing them is mandatory for two weeks after ablation.

They are also a good option for pregnant women who have to resort to them only after a doctor’s recommendation.

Cream (ointment)

Ointment for varicose veins can also be prepared for ourselves by purchasing a tea cup of marigold. The fragrant plant is filled with olive oil and stays for 20 days in the dark in a closed vessel. Then the miraculous ointment is ready for use.

You can also buy finished ointments – Veniton, Venokastan, Crevil, Nevhen, Lion, Gel and many others. Most of them contain horse chestnut and marigold extract.

The well-known Pearl Vaseline works well.


Immediately relieves the pain. Because of its fast action and affordable price, it is a preferred option for more and more people seeking cure for treacherous varicose veins.The German manufacturer Krauthorhofoffers an extremely efficient vein problem cream. Ointment combines the achievements of modern medicine and the power of herbs. The cream is enriched with wild horse chestnut extract and vine leaves.


Well-known homeopathic medicine also offers methods for the treatment of varicose veins. The combination of homeopathic preparations is tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

– in pain and tension in the legs and tendency to haemorrhageThe medications that can help you in this case are:

  • Hamamelis – minimizes swelling and relieves feelings of weight
  • Esculus (wild chestnut) – for varicose veins, varicose ulcers and hemorrhoids
  • Carbo vegeta bilis – Varicose ulcers with inflammation and bruising of limbs
  • Ways – recommended for permanent hanging legs
  • Apis mellifera – a feeling of burning that is relieved by cold (Lamia.Com)

Internal varicose veins

Internal varicose veins are the worst condition of varicose disease. Many patients have no visible signs of this venous disorder.

In other symptoms, it is manifested by permanent leg pains and capillaries. There are also no complaints and tingling of the legs. (opinion of Dr. Hristo Georgiev)

On testicles

Weakness in the wall of the veins may also occur in the intimate male organs. The disease is known by the medical term varicocele. When it causes discomfort, the enlarged vein of the testicle should be removed.

If we were useful to you, please share the article. More and more people suffer from varicose veins and seek a cure for them. Let the information in this article reach them too.The causes of this disease have not been established and when it is not related to discomfort, it is not dangerous.



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