The treacherous periodontitis – can we deal with it?

First aid

The treacherous periodontitis, besides painful, is quite unpleasant. It may occur with burning and pain in the gums and teeth, as well as without these symptoms. You may only notice gum bleeding without any other complaints.

Even if this illness seems harmless to you, it is not such as it can lead to unbearable and severe pain in the teeth of the gums and problems in the lymph nodes.

Often the reason for the last problem is the accumulation of microbes and bacteria in the so-called “pockets”. They are formed between two teeth and the gum, and usually there are leftovers of food that begins to rot.

Since the stretch is difficult to access for the toothbrush and sometimes for the threads, this food remains in the pockets and is often the cause of the killing bad breath in the mouth.

Although the pain symptoms (no matter where they are localized and how strong they are) are never neglected. Often they do not give them meaning until the pain becomes intolerable.

Very often we neglect periodontal disease (especially when it only occurs with bleeding), as we are convinced that this is a physiological process. But the truth is quite different.

This disease does not only affect the gums, but also the tooth and the periodontium. It most often occurs in patients over 30 years of age, but there is an increasing incidence of it in patients under this age.

The reasons for his appearance are still not clearly defined. It is believed that they are several – improper placement of fillings and dentures, presence of tartar, problems with the endocrine system, disorders of the nervous system and vitamin C deficiency.
There is no underestimation of stress and inherited burden.

The disease progresses to the gum’s atrophy. It usually runs in three stages. The first stage is the longest and is usually accompanied by pain and numbness of the gums.

In the second stage, the inflammation becomes more serious, and there is also pain in the teeth and the gums becoming pregnant. The third stage ends with severe atrophy of the gums and falling even on healthy teeth.

If you experience severe pain in the teeth or gums, do not delay and write a dentist’s appointment.

The first thing you should do is swab with a solution of soda or salt. You can also get help from herbs. In this article we will introduce their application to this problem.

Soothing and rinsing of the mouth. Although the procedure is unpleasant, you will feel relief right away.

To avoid gum bleeding, specialists recommend cleaning thoroughly to clean the gum of the gum after eating on the inside and outside.

It is advisable to use a gauze or paper napkin as the procedure is not possible to do with the toothbrush (there is a risk of injury to the gum and hemorrhage).

You can also help with fresh potato juice, which is cut into slices. With them, the gum and the tooth are massaged from top to bottom. The last piece of gum and teeth you need to chew and swallow.

You can also try compressing the place with a mixture of equal amounts of olive oil and powdered sugar (one spoon), broken together with a yolk. The mixture is spread on gauze and the painful area is required.

The consumption of acidic foods also acts briskly. The vitamin C contained in lemons, oranges and grapefruit stops the blood immediately. You can also take them with internal bleeding.

Taking foods containing high doses of vitamin C is an indispensable part of the treatment of the problem, because in many cases the cause of this unpleasant illness is precisely its deficiency.


Although it looks harmless, the bleeding should be stopped. In most cases of paradontosis, it is a sign of an early stage of the disease.Gout bleeding in parodontosis usually occurs with inflamed, reddish and painful gums. Surprisingly, it can also be accompanied by white wreaths. This is a sign of the beginning of the crown atrophy and a sign that you should immediately take steps to treat the problem.

If we do not pay attention to it, the disease begins to progress and destroys not only the teeth and the gum but also the beneficial substances in the oral cavity.

Even if you think solid food is getting worse, know that it’s her chewing is a prerequisite for healthy gums. Consuming solid foods strengthens gums and stops bleeding.

Herbs and home remedies

If you suffer from periodontal disease, you can help by using the healing power of herbs. Among your most faithful assistants in this situation are – basil, sumac, black oman, sage, white yarrow. They have a haemostatic and anti-inflammatory property.

You can also prepare a black oman (one spoonful of water) to rinse your mouth.

The same action has the healing basil. Taking a gargle from him will save you from pain and the unpleasant sensation of periodontitis (a spoon of half a liter of water). For better effect on the potion, add onions.


The curative sumac is also helpful in this case. It is good to make a mouthwash with a decoction prepared from the herb. You can add a spoon of soda and nicheter to it for an even better antiseptic effect.

No case of sumac is an indispensable part of preparations for treatment of problem gums.


Garlic is also a good option for getting rid of unbearable pain and bleeding. For this purpose, the gums are rubbed with a clove of garlic. A piece of garlic can be placed in the diseased place. Possibly hold it there for at least two or three hours.

Salvia (by Maria Treben)

The famous folk healer Maria Treben recommends salvia to treat treacherous periodontitis. With the herb you can make a potion (one spoonful of half a liter of water) or vinegar. It can be used not only for rubbing the whole body during the winter season, but also for toothbrushing and gum problems. (

White yarrow

White yarrow decoction has an anti-inflammatory and haemostatic effect on periodontal disease. With the decoction, a mouthwash is made several times a day. You can also add a few drops of propolis tincture.


We put the question on BG Bilka’s Facebook page , from where two solid confirmations of the Propolis Tincture Method came out. Readers are massively treated this way when it comes to bleeding gums.The healing propolis is a good alternative for the treatment of inflamed and bleeding gums. Biting the mouth with a solution of a few drops of propolis tincture, diluted in a glass of water, will deliver you not only from the bleeding and inflamed gums, but also from the unpleasant breath.

The recipe really works. But it is different when you have real people to testify. That’s why we continually ask readers to comment and help us write the site. That way, together, we will do a good job and help the people in need! Write to us!


With its curative properties, miraculous aloe is one of the tools in the natural pharmacy that can save you from periodontal disease. All you have to do is rip off the aloe leaf, remove the top layer, and rub your gums five minutes before eating.

Its taste is not very pleasant, but it’s worth trying. You will be surprised by its effect.

With olive oil or olive oil

Painful and inflamed gums also work massaging several times a day with the following mixture – olive oil, soda and salt.

On a spoon of olive oil, put half a spoonful of the powdered ingredients. This mixture and the massage with it act as strengthening and healing of the painful and inflamed gums.

The soda and salt “pluck” the gum on the gums, if there is one.

With urine

We offer you a tried and tested method of esoteric medicine for the treatment of periodontal disease that has proven its effectiveness. Burning with urine can save you forever from this insidious problem.

A prerequisite for successful treatment is the cleansing of the body before the urine course begins. A month before you have to clear your body from all the toxins. From your menu you must turn off meat, dairy products, caffeine and alcohol. Smoking is also incompatible with the treatment.

The urination is done for two to three months. It is recommended to use morning urine. To maintain the effect of treatment, the procedure should be repeated once a week.

Important for the success of the therapy is the preliminary cleansing of the tooth on the teeth by a dentist.

With apples and apple vinegar

You may have heard that the apple can replace the brush and the toothpaste. An apple, eaten after a meal, cleans the teeth and interdental space perfectly and prevents the formation of caries. It is an ideal alternative for removing unpleasant breath in the mouth.

Its miraculous qualities are due to the acid contained in it. It is also found in apple vinegar. This is why it is extremely suitable for rinsing the mouth during periodontal disease. Prepare a solution of water and vinegar in equal quantities (half a cup) to which a spoonful of soda is added.

This remedy takes away the pain and unpleasant sensation in the gums that is caused by periodontal disease.


Carnation has a powerful antiseptic effect and makes it an extremely effective remedy for the treatment of annoying periodontal disease.

Not only does the toothbrush work, but the use of this home toothpaste – human, olive oil, ground cloves (one spoon), five drops of peppermint oil and a few drops of rose water. All this is mixed with a wooden spatula (not metal).

The pasta has a bleaching action because of the olive oil it contains. (Land of Loan)


It is good for patients suffering from periodontal disease to use fluoride-free toothpastes. Such is the concentrated Aion paste, which not only stops bleeding gums, but also refreshes the breath. You can also use the home-made toothpaste that we have suggested above.

Toothpaste can also be replaced with coconut oil that is pre-loaded on the brush. It has not only a bleeding effect but also bleaching.

Other toothpicks that can be used for periodontal disease are Arthrodont, Lakalut, Parodontax.

Sodium bicarbonate and oxygen water

Rub the gums with a batch of soda and oxygen water acts as a bloodshed to the bleeding gums. Not only does bleeding stop but has a bleaching and anti-inflammatory effect (pulls the gum from the gums).

In the photos below, you can see what the inflamed gums look like as a result of periodontal disease.

Standard remedies, drugs, antibiotics


The Swedish pharmaceutical company Biogaya offers an innovative method for the treatment of periodontal disease. BiogayaProthesis tablets contain beneficial bacteria that kill attacking causative agents of trembling inflammation of the tonsils.

The apple has a pleasant mint flavor. Each tablet contains bacteria isolated from breast milk – Lactobacillus Reuters.

The Biogaya tablet contains 200 million live bacteria that have been shown to suppress the development of the disease-causing bacteria in the mouth. They help with aphtha in the mouth and bad breath.


It is rich in vitamin C, and that is why it is healing. It can also be taken internally in the form of supplements.Collagen is an important ingredient not only in the body’s skin but also in all mucous membranes. This is why it is extremely effective in treating mucosal problems. Collagen gel rubbing in gums stops bleeding and strengthens fibroplasts.


Laser therapy is the most modern way to deal with the problem. The laser beam not only cleans the tooth, but also strengthens the gum tissue. He directly attacks anaerobic organisms in his pocket. As a result, the bleeding stops and the teeth are polished.


As part of the treatment of the disease is the placement of clamping brackets, which prevent the shaking of the teeth and the multiplication of microbes in the pockets. Their placement is imperative at an advanced stage of the disease, as otherwise they may lose their teeth.


Magnesium (magnesium chloride) immediately stops the blood from the gums. Available in the form of magnesium oil, which is produced by seawater from the depths of the sea, which is cleanest. In this natural product you can rinse your mouth several times a day. Magnesium has a strengthening and hauling effect on the gums.

Honey recipe

Lubricating inflamed gums with a spoonful of honey and a doubling of olive oil will greatly ease your condition. The mixture has a reinforcing and healing effect on the gums. Honey helps a lot in the presence of pus in the gums.

Permanent treatment

Complex treatment of the disease requires the intervention not only of the dentist but also of the endocrinologist.

To have the effect of treatment, it is necessary first to clean your teeth from the accumulated tartar. Until it is removed, any treatment will be ineffective.

After healing from the disease, it is very important to maintain good oral hygiene as well as to consume foods high in vitamin C.


Very often, in the treatment of periodontal disease, antibiotics are used (especially after laser therapy). One of them is clindamycin , which kills pathogenic bacteria in high doses. It should only be used in cases where the infection is serious and there is no other treatment option.


As the nutritional supplement, cytoceptu contains large amounts of vitamin, acting hemostasis. C, it is an indispensable part of the treatment of periodontal disease.

Because of its potent antimicrobial effect, metronidazole is also useful in the treatment of periodontal disease. It should only be taken at the discretion of a doctor.


Tetracycline is another broad-spectrum antibiotic that is also used in the treatment of periodontal disease with a laser. It is written to prevent inflammatory processes.


Sandrine is a herbal solution (containing peppermint), which is used to deodorize the mouth and fight against bacteria and inflammations in the oral cavity.

Wash with 10-15 drops of solution in half a glass of water. The effect of this magnificent product intensifies if the dentist has previously cleared the tooth. (

Is it contagious?

Therefore, it is good if someone in your family suffers from such inflammation not using his or her utensils. (opinion of the dentist Pavlina Hristova). Even more extreme is the opinion of a Facebook user, the screenshot of which we give above. RK says:By itself, periodontal disease is not contagious. It is caused by bacteria found in the sub-space, but two of them are transmitted by saliva.

“What fools, what 5 leva will your teeth fall off! Do you wash your tongue and gums? Do you routinely clean the roots of the teeth? It is mandatory in every country. Anaerobic bacteria eaten your root – do not delay! Immediately go to parodontologist for photo and treatment. You will regret bitterly about self-healing … !!! “.

We will be glad if you write to us below in the comments what your view is on this otherwise question of discussion. And we will examine the issue in more detail and we will still make a publication. But meanwhile, we rely on your help too!

Particularly important for the successful treatment of periodontal disease is the intake of vitamin C in large quantities.

If you do not get it from food, you can take supplements.


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