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Three Ways to Help a Struggling Child

Parenting children is one of life’s most important jobs we can have but it also can be one of life’s most challenging jobs. If you or someone you know is struggling to help their child emotionally or behaviorally, here are three steps you or someone you know can take to improve life for your child and for your family.

Regulate Yourself

When a child is having trouble regulating their emotions or managing their behaviors, one of the best things caring adults around them can do is to regulate themselves which allows for the child to best be able to co-regulate with the adult(s). Co-regulation might look like validating your child’s feelings, taking deep breaths with them or helping them take a quiet break.

Seek Support

Many times, parents feel shame or guilt about reaching out for help. The truth is getting help for yourself and your child is one of the bravest and best things you can do for your child’s overall health and development as well as your own. Finding a local parenting support group, reading parenting books or articles or consulting with a childrens psychologist Yardley are all good ways to find additional support in parenting.

Schedule Self-Care

In order to be the best possible version of yourself, finding regular ways to care for yourself is extremely important. When you have additional stress in your life such as a child who is struggling, you will find you need even more opportunities for self-care. Each person will find different things effective in reducing their stress, but examples are spending time with a supportive friend, regular exercise, taking naps or prioritizing sleep and taking time off from regular obligations.

While parenting a child who is struggling emotionally or behaviorally can be challenging, there are ways to help your child and you better find coping mechanisms and new skills for meeting your child’s needs. By self-regulating and co-regulating with your child, seeking outside supports and practicing self-care you will be in a better place for parenting your child the way they need you most.