The First Step To Meditation

The purpose of all kinds of meditation is to create a deeper understanding of the self through concentration and reflection. One of the main aspects of meditation is that you simply sit in silent presence and allow yourself to be aware of your mind, your body, your surroundings, and all the stimuli that is constantly competing for your attention. With practice, you will be able to remain with the object of your concentration longer, and this will lead you to the next step – a sustainable focus without losing attention.

When it comes to a good meditation class, you need to find out a good coach. Focus on the object and gaze at it deeply, letting thoughts come and go and staying present in the moment. This practice is simply paying attention to your existence and it can tremendously increase your progress in meditation.

Close your eyes and imagine a stream of deep orange light entering your body from above and flowing through each organ. This will help you maintain the posture for a long time and in term, enjoy a beneficial meditation session. They are just not able to focus on their main aim to meditating.

There’s a bazillion things we could pay attention to at any moment, but our brain (thankfully) helps us focus our awareness down to just a few things at any point in time. Mindfulness meditation practice can also help you to achieve different goals – from tuning into a higher state of consciousness to greater focus, creativity, self awareness or simply gaining a more relaxed and peaceful frame of mind.

So, our goal is to humbly seek answers from within (meditation) and from above (prayer). It is these thoughts that make meditation difficult and unproductive. You sit in a relaxed and receptive position without trying to focus, with a keen awareness of the present moment.