The Art of Mastering

All You Need to Know About My Streaming Adventures.

I have taken some while before making a journal entry. Things have gotten an interesting turn on Twitch and YouTube. I had chronicled the tough time I went through previously on my original entry. I has to spend a good sum of money to get the equipment. However, what was more nerve-racking was having to talk to myself on camera and playing MTG. For a while I was confused on whether to go on with it or not. There was also the part about my investment not giving me any returns. But you can also understand the expenses that come with MTG. For just one 5-match league, you will have to part with 8 dollars. I was spending much more. I was using a rental service for thirty-five dollars per month so that I didnt have to buy digital cards. It was a huge financial commitment. For some time, I had no plan of action even when I was convinced the track I was on was great. This is at a time when I did not have anyone else in my team but me. When I started this website, new ideas started dawning on me. I had set my eyes on the bigger prize.

I wanted the site to be all about nerd culture. A stream would be awesome but I figured few people will be interested in watching just a single game. This is how the idea to branch out to various games was born. However, this could not be done without securing a new computer. Niche websites were not a new thing for me and this is why content creation was not difficult. This did not quench my thirst though. I was on the lane to come up with the next big thing after Gizmodo. The process required me to have video content on top of the written content. To reach a large audience, I had to promote my content on social channels. It would be a tough break for just a single person but I felt like everything I have gone through before had prepared me for that. This is why I didnt stop at that. I was able to set up the website and come up with proper strategies about the content. The next thing was to set up a Twitter account and these are elements that took up my focus.

I shared my vision with one of my buddies called Jon. I was interested in doing a podcast that would address things related to the site. Jon was ready to be the co-host. This is the first person to help me with content creation. I started on YouTube though instead of having an actual podcast.