Drug Abuse

Substance Abuse

A leading substance abuse center recently urged the nation’s doctors to focus more closely on alcohol and drug use by their patients after finding that more than 9 out of 10 physicians didn’t diagnose alcohol abuse when presented with its early symptoms. Key things to look out for are unexplained changes in personality, changes in performance be it at work or school, if attendance and performance drops with no explanation as to why, changes in the people they socialize with, maybe dropping old friends for a new set of people you don’t know.

Some of the common drug testing sessions are conducted to ensure that individuals are free from it. Marijuana is one of the common drugs around; however, because a pound is priced at $100 minimum, most of those who purchase this drug are those who can afford the costs of this drug abuse.

Signs that your teen could be high on Ecstasy: Blurred vision, rapid eye movement, pupil dilation, chills or sweating, high body temperature, sweating profusely, dehydrated, confusion, faintness, paranoia or severe anxiety, trance-like state, transfixed on sites and sounds, unconscious clenching of the jaw, grinding teeth, very affectionate.

For example someone who is taking an opiate pain medication for a medical condition over a long period of time is very likely to be dependent on the drug; they will be unable to function and lead a pain free existence without it and cannot stop taking the drug suddenly without experiencing adverse withdrawal symptoms.

Yet, some clinics may only reinforce the addiction, or in some cases, even help to create the addiction; i.e., the clinics would not be in business if they had no patients to they also specialize in alternative treatments for pain, for people who are willing to comply with these plans of care.