Mental Health

Strong Mental Health

Mental Health Insurance will soon be treated the same as medical and surgical benefits. As the patients correct their vision through posturing their body right, they do not correct their mental disposition; which again tends to spoil their posture the way it had done so in the past when the vision problem had taken root for the first time in their life.

Most survivors who seek help struggle with cognitive contamination, impaired social functioning, impaired memory processing, negative self-relations and identity, learned helplessness, physical health problems i.e. irritable bowl syndrome, sleep disturbances, disordered eating, mood disturbances, abuse of drugs and alcohol, to name just the most obvious.

For some people, the thought of admission to hospital can be frightening but it is important to remember that a stay in hospital can be a lifesaver and hospitals are there to help and are better equipped to deal with particularly severe cases of mental illness.

Satan has the reputation of being evil, which is a correct assumption because he is the father of it. Although many people may be educated in this fact (and would not willingly side with Satan), they still are not able to identify his face in the things of the world and fall victim to his wiles.

You should respect this scientific and religious discovery now that the scientific method of dream interpretation gives explanations for all religious mysteries, besides curing all mental illnesses, including severe mental illnesses that cannot be cured by today’s psychiatrists.