Relax With Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy actually means treatment by using scents, and did you know that there are about 150 essential oils. Some even claim that the oils used should not even be of natural origin. Certain essential oils are known to help reduce stress: try taking a warm bath with four drops of one of the following essential oils (geranium, neroli, palma rosa and/or clary sage) (or you could try a mixture).

This function of Essential Oils overlaps with the effects oils have on the Brain, but it must be remembered that the Nervous and Hormonal Systems are the physical “translators” of the Etheric dimensions. There you can find a wide selection of a large variety of aromatherapy products (equipment, soaps, salts, less common oils, candles, skin care, cleaning products, and more).

Use the right aromatherapy oils and see the benefits. Vaporizers – using heat to release the scent and properties of oils in the air. Aromatherapy has also been shown to help relieve stress. Aromatherapy has continued to help ease the human body. The first people to dispense aromatics as medicines in Ancient Egypt were the priests – they were the first Aromatherapists.

Creams/Lotions/Shampoos/Gels – essential oils are added to these. They are environmentally friendly because they are derived from natural plant sources. Oil combined with two to three drops of the essential oil. One of the things to remember when exploring the world of aromatherapy is that pure organic essential oils are always the best.

The practice of aromatherapy is helping people a lot in fighting out all types of health related problems ranging from headaches to skin condition and from pregnancy to elder care. The essential oils go through the subcuteaus or fat layer and penetrate the skin (Tutorial).