Psoriasis – how can we escape? Herbs, cures, medicines

Domestic ointments and cures

With turmeric:

Unpleasant psoriasis is not associated with a painful symptom, but is nevertheless a disease causing severe discomfort. Although it is an autoimmune disease, it is treated as a dermatological problem that affects parts of the skin surface.

It runs with unpleasant reddish spots on the skin that appear in different places. (legs, elbows, scalp, nails and claw). Their appearance precedes an intolerable itching.

In practice, rare cases where this autoimmune disease also affects the joints (psoriatic arthritis) is observed.

A tried and tested method of treating psoriasis, known since the age of 60, in Ayurvedic medicine, is still the use of turmeric paste . Its preparation is easy, and the treatment with it is effective.

You can use dried curcuma, powdered or tablet of this healing herb. The variety of food supplements with the main ingredient turmeric is great and it does not matter the product of which manufacturer you choose.

For the treatment of small areas of the skin affected by psoriasis, a quarter scoop of turmeric powder is sufficient. Gradually a small amount of water is added to the ointment powder. You should get a dense cloth that is smeared over the affected area.

Carefully wrap with a bandage and the patient stays with the paw all night. Then it is removed and the skin is soaked in warm water.

From the comments: Treatment of psoriasis with Demir Bozan. Is it possible?

We have received a request from reader E. Yanchuleva about whether there may be any complete treatment of psoriasis with the herbs of the Demir Bozan combination. We studied the question. Definitely many people use these herbs to significantly alleviate the symptoms.

How do they work? The herbs are competently selected and composed to suppress the “nervous” and autoimmune components among the causes of the terrible disease. They eliminate two of the deepest factors.

These achieve a remarkable time remission of psoriasis. Symptoms do not appear for years, and some people say they have stopped at all. But we are not categorical for complete and eternal healing, but only for unusually long remissions.

HERE you can look at reviews of such people, even videos, telling how these herbs worked.

With a dock.

The curative dock (Rumex Patientia), which is known to our grandmothers and as sorrel, undoubtedly has many benefits to the body not only internally but also applied topically to the skin. The plant, which is known to detoxify the body and strengthen bones, also cures dermatoses like psoriasis.

Apple vinegar and olive oil.
It is necessary to mix the crushed leaves of Oregon grape, Taraxacum officinale, sarsaparilla, burdock (Arctium lappa) and Libellula depress (in equal quantities). A magical mixture is applied to the area affected by the unpleasant red spots. (Доктиминг.бг)

To relieve pruritus , apple vinegar is used as a compress. Several times a day, a mixture of one portion of pure vinegar (apple) and warm water (three times the amount of vinegar) is applied to the red plaques.

After one month of treatment, the plates disappear thanks to a mixture of equal amounts of vinegar (apple) and quality olive oil with a little salt. Stay at least 20 minutes with this compress, then wash the skin with soap or shower gel (non-alkaline).

With millet.

Millet , mixed with beer, gives an incredible effect. A quarter of a gram of grain is baked for a few minutes in an oven, then the shell is removed (this happens after you crush it by hand).

A bottle of beer is added to it and boiled on a low hob until it thickens and becomes creamy. A compress with gauze is made in the diseased place. You can sleep like that.

With olive oil.

Olive oil , mixed with peanut or almond oil, also helps in the presence of psoriasis. Compress the oils in equal amounts. He stays with him all night. For better effect on the gauze, nylon with holes can be placed to wrap the smeared area.

With red beets.

One of the healing applications of red beets is in the form of a compress to affect the symptoms of psoriasis. It is good if you can get beet grown in an ecologically clean area.

Cut slices and immerse in a pot of water. Stays soaked all night. In the morning, compress with the grated vegetable.

Apply to pre-greased leather and cover with linen cloth. A not too tight dressing is made to allow the skin to breathe. After about an hour burning becomes intolerable.

The bandage is removed and the skin allowed to breathe for at least an hour, then dressing again. Repeat the procedure several times, then treat the treated area with lukewarm water.

With a red elder.

Several fresh red elderberries   – Sambucus racemosa (pre-washed and cut) are boiled for a quarter hour in a liter of water. With curative decoction, compresses lasting 20 minutes are made several times a day.

With lard.

Pig fat in combination with the following miraculous herbs – Thymus, Nettle (Achillea millefolium), St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), Rosa leaves, Plantago Lancelota , Mint ), lime (Tilia), will save you from itching and ugly red spots on the skin. It is even better if you can get them fresh.

Two handfuls of healing herbs are added to 800 grams of lard, melted on low heat. It should not be allowed to vomit because it will lose its valuable ingredients as a result of the high temperature.

The prepared ointment lasts for nine days. Then take seven spoons of it. Melt on low heat (no boiling) and add five grams of wax and twice as much grated clay.

With Aloe Vera.

A pure Aloe Vera juice , taken internally, has a good effect on psoriasis. Although it appears to be a dermatological problem, it is actually an autoimmune disease and a prerequisite for successful treatment is the cleansing of the body by toxins and the reinforcement of immunity.

If you have decided to cleanse your body with aloe, do not use home-made juice, but trust some of the major Aloe products. The itch is instantly relieved with aloe or juice from the potato plant.

With aquasor.

A three-month treatment course with aquarium products successfully responds to the unpleasant symptoms of psoriasis.

The first month is recommended to take drops of Aquasource fatty acid complex (3x20k) and coagulant (two times two capsules on an empty stomach).

In the second month, treatment continued with the same supplements in the above amounts, except that Liverklenz (2×1 capsule), Fruit Energy (3×1) and Aloe juice (individual scheme) were added.

In the third month, Coalcine is combined with Coenzyme Q10 with chromium (one, at most two tablets a day), Green Energy (3×2), and AFA algae (enough to be two or three grams a day). In this month, lunch is completely replaced by Luton up.

The therapy is successfully combined with another type of treatment and it is not a problem to apply it in parallel. From the patient’s menu it is good to exclude cereal products, cucumbers and bananas. It focuses mainly on fresh fruits, vegetables and uncooked food.

With Echinacea.

Echinacea , which is known for its powerful immune stimulating properties, accepted internally. has a good effect on skin diseases such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. It also has a strong purifying effect, which has the good effect on psoriasis.

Adopted in the form of tea or supplements, it cleanses the skin and blood.

With garlic.

Psoriasis is also treated with garlic by killing the affected skin areas with it. Accepting internally also has a beneficial effect on this disease.

With eggs.

Egg yolk mixed with the same amount of pine tar relieves unpleasant skin problems caused by psoriasis. Important for the success of treatment, whether it be herbs or medication, the patient can avoid eating eggs.

With the human.

Equal amounts of humor and lard are your salvation against annoying plaques. The ointment stays on them for at least two hours, after which the skin is washed with lukewarm water, necessarily without soap. If it does not irritate the smell, you can add the juice of an onion to the rinse water.

It is a good idea to wash your skin with water and apple vinegar and warm it before applying the ointment.

With marijuana.

Despite contradictory views about whether marijuana should be used for medical purposes, it is a fact that compressions with a decoction make it easier for psoriasis. Marijuana pills treat skin problems and even cancer .

With pine tar.

Twice a day treat the itchy portions of pine pitch ointment  mixed with the same amount of yolk.

Medicines and cups ointments


The addition of citrosept, besides internally, is also an ingredient of miraculous home-made ointment against treacherous psoriasis. Thirty drops of it are mixed with a small amount of liquid paraffin, olive oil or almond oil. All this is applied to areas affected by itchy plaques.

For a better effect, this therapy is also combined with an intake of the supplement containing large amounts of vital vitamins C, P and E. In this way, stimulating the immune response, the body cope more easily with the unpleasant symptom of psoriasis.


Tubocin is part of the treatment course for psoriasis. Drinking it usually lasts during the phototherapy course (usually it is about 25 days, but it can only be determined by the therapist) and at least five days after it.

In parallel, folic acid is also used. After such a course, the red spots disappear and the disease enters a period of remission.

The active ingredient rifampicin in this antibiotic stops cell division under the influence of given enzymes and attacks streptococcal viruses. The dependence between these microarrays and psoriasis has been proven.

The development of this chronic disease is linked to an accelerated division of the cells that make up the top layer of the skin.

Despite many speculations about the occurrence of psoriasis, scientists are unanimous about the reasons for its occurrence. One thing is certain – there is a connection with heredity. If the two parents suffer from it, the risk for children to develop the disease is 80%.

In case only one parent complains of psoriasis, the risk rate is reduced to 30.


There are a lot of pleasant reviews about the treatment with Sansibel (although it is mainly about temporary relief of symptoms). This is the so-called “intense” balsam (Balm) and spray naht-Kerzen Sensibel. It is designed to make endless stitching and irritation of any kind of dry skin.

The sensitizer moisturizes and cools the skin and maintains the therapeutic areas affected by neurodermatitis and psoriasis. After shaving or just after cleansing the skin, if you do not shave, the unpleasantly affected areas are sprayed from a distance of approximately one span or about 20 centimeters. Be careful not to hit the eyes or any sensitive lining.

Stainless Spray NaCkertzen is suitable for healthy skin, that is, it may be affected by psoriasis but not irritated. So it says on the leaflet itself. For us, this is not very understandable, but we hope some reader will explain us in the comments. The spray contains “curative water” plus silica and a little nitrogen.

There is a variety of Sansibel , as we have mentioned, in the form of a balm with evening rose oil and many other things. Its action is somewhat similar to that of the spray.


Since 2007, the humiliation has been formally approved by the Committee for Medicinal Products and Humanitarian Medicine to be used to treat psoriasis.

This is the only drug that contains human monoclonal antibodies. Except for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, he treats Crohn & Bechterev’s disease as well. It acts on the principle of blocking the tumor cells responsible for the immune response of the body in inflammatory processes.

With magnesium oil.

Magnesium oil works very well for sufferers of psoriasis. The appearance of skin lesions in itself speaks of a lack of magnesium in the body.

According to some scientists, no magnesium supplementation is sufficiently effective and it is better to treat chronic diseases by transdermal rather than oral administration. Then the so-called magnesium oil comes to help .

It actually represents salt-dissolved magnesium chloride, but is called oil because it is oily to the touch.

Magnesium used for its production is extracted directly from the Dead Sea fumes or an ancient lake in the Netherlands.

Spraying with it not only relieves pruritus and removes red spots, but also reduces the risk of subsequent complications such as psoriatic arthritis.

 With iodine.

The foot bath with iodine cleanses the whole organism. This procedure is recommended especially for psoriasis. In a small basin of hot water pour a spoon of large salt and 30 drops of tincture of iodine (seven percent).

The legs are soaked for 20 minutes, the solution can be used directly to spread the areas affected by psoriasis (legs, knees, folds of the armpits, hair roots).

Folic acid.

Folic acid (vitamin B9) is an indispensable part of the treatment of psoriasis. It improves the protective function not only of the skin but also of the whole body. This essential vitamin can also be obtained by eating whole grains.


Plates are matured two or three times a day with a 3% solution of oxygen water purchased from the pharmacy. Therapy continues to their complete disappearance.


The fact that the condition and type of skin of sufferers of psoriasis improves during the summer is the reason for the use of phototherapy for the treatment of this autoimmune disease. The patient enters a special cabin in which UV A and B rays are emitted. (Dr. Paskova)

They stop the accelerated cell division on the surface of the skin, which is the cause of plaque formation.

With zinc.

Taking 25-40 mg zinc daily affects well the skin problems caused by psoriasis. It was found that this autoimmune disease is due to the lack of zinc.

With gun lubricant.

Lubrication gun oil (sold in stores for hunting and fishing) are also favorably affected zasushena patches on the skin resulting from psoriasis. A piece of cloth is laid on the grease to bind the damaged skin. It sleeps like this, and in the morning the skin rinses with lukewarm water and soap.

With fish oil.

Thanks to its cleansing and immunostimulating action, fish oil has a positive effect on psoriasis. Five to six pearl fish oil in combination with 10 vitamin C tablets is the salvation for the suffering autoimmune disease.


Acquiring increasingly popular urine therapyis also a cure for psoriasis. You can mix half the first urine of the day with the same amount of humanity.

The cache is applied to the problem areas and stays with it for 20 minutes. Urine of young children under the age of 7 is considered to be extremely valuable.

Bicarbonate of soda.

The healer Peter Deunov recommends a soda bicarbonate prescription to treat psoriasis. Take a spoonful of three main meals per day of the following mixture: honey (300 grams), yogurt (50 grams), and sulfur (25 grams).

The unbleached areas can also be smeared with honey and soda mixture (4: 1) and left for an hour, then rinsed with water.

Fish in Turkey.

You may have heard about the fish in Turkey who “eat” with various diseases (psoriasis and even skin cancer). This unique natural phenomenon is the only species of fish living in warm mineral water (its temperature is about 37 degrees).

Balkooki Balneology is the only one in the world in its uniqueness, which is an attractive center for tourists from Russia and Germany seeking healing for their illnesses.

Among the unique nature there is a mineral spring whose water has a temperature of 37 degrees. Before she dies, she has been in the womb for at least 25 years. The curative fish lives in the spring.

When the patient enters the spring (built as a pool), the fish first “review” it and then begin to treat it. In the literal sense, they eat the disease.

If a patient suffering from psoriasis bathes in this pool, his illness will go away for 15 years. Sounds amazing, but it’s a fact that’s scientifically proven.

At On Clinic.

On Clinic offers an innovative method for treating psoriasis. Therapy in this dermatological clinic is only conducted with products with natural ingredients and does not include hormone-based medications.

In the therapy developed by On Clinic are included plant extracts and oils that act anti-inflammatory. They are matched with Dead Sea mud extract, which is extremely valuable for a variety of skin problems.

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