Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Assistants And Aides

Modern medicine, with its drugs and advanced surgical methods, has not found the answer to all the disabilities that afflict man. Licensed therapists are bound by state laws and their profession’s standards to offer patients carefully thought out treatment plans, and to provide the best and safest care to their patients. Once the patient has been diagnosed with obesity, he or she should have a healthy diet, as well as exercise.

Obesity is one of the most serious diseases on the medical scene, and is next to diabetes, blood pressure, heart and arteries, especially as it is a major cause of these diseases in a large proportion of patients. There must be regular weekly treatment sessions for the program to take effect, as well as concerted effort and participation on the patient’s part.

I observed therapists working hard to help residents be successful in therapy. First off physical therapy can be categorized as any kind of physical activity that helps a person deal with a problem. Documentation is done throughout the rehabilitation to evaluate the effectiveness of the program prescribed and to determine the level of improvement, if any, by the patient.

Whether to decrease pain or increase movement and function, various physical therapy exercises tender different types of body training that will improve any patient’s physical condition. After the clinic session, they prescribe exercise schedules to help condition and strengthen the problem areas to allow for continuous healing in between clinic visits.

Some weekend work and evening work may be required. Completion of a state or national examination may be required for licensing as a physical therapy assistant as well. The range of patients a physical therapist gets to treat in the course of his career is huge.