Opening The Hips With The Pigeon Pose

There is no way to determine exactly when Yoga was first practiced. Yoga doesn’t do a whole lot to build lean toned muscle and burn fat, which is what most people want to do. The Yoga exercise will not allow you to gain the muscle necessary to enjoy the various outdoor attractions of but it will provide you with the an improved control over breathing that will help you journey through the various parks and trails in the area.

However, in a different process, the general knowledge of Yoga has now become common knowledge throughout in the more materialistic western world where it is proving to be used as a popular aid in several areas of self culture – physical, psychological and spiritual.

Though actually putting the purpose of this age old art in words is difficult, it could possibly be summed up best as “The ways and Means for solution of all forms of conflict from two viewpoints, on all scales.” In non-technical language, the focus is to destroy any non-duality, be it from the focal point of the inner psyche, a wife and a husband, or even a parent and a child.

Individually these effects can have significant benefits, but by combining individual asana into a carefully developed and balanced routine the Hatha yoga practitioner can develop their entire physical body, internal organ function and mental clarity.

The over-riding general realization which is experienced by those who practise yoga is that behind all life’s diversity is an integral unit and brotherhood of being in which all living creatures and kingdoms, although seemingly separate, are in essence interdependent not only in order to be life-sustaining but in order that life on our beautiful planet may progress towards the ‘better world’ of which mankind dreams.