Natural Acne Treatments

It has long been believed that foods that are fried, chocolate or soda cause acne. This is because stale makeup tends to clog pores and clogged pores set the stage for acne to develop. Acne (acne vulagaris) is a common skin disorder that affects nearly 100 million people worldwide. These are formed when the follicle wall ruptures and allows bacteria on the skin’s surface to enter into the skin causing the area to become infected.

Chemicals: Exposure to dioxins not only causes acne-like pimples, but are among the most dangerous poisons known. Red and white blood cells start to defend the body of this inflammation often causing an inflammatory response, that results in pimples, whiteheads, zits, swelling and pus.

Stress: Stress doesn’t cause acne, but stress often makes it worse. Some forms of acne are often mistaken or perhaps associated with Seborrheic dermatitus, being relative to having scaly and flaky skin. But in general, you want to eat a variety of healthy foods including fresh fruits and vegetables, and low fat sources of protein, to meet all of your requirements.

With literally no side effects, and the fact that you are in complete control, these natural acne treatments really are the best way to fight the war against acne. This prevents the dead skin cells and dirt from being shed off which causes acne to form. As mentioned, many adults do get acne, women are more susceptible than men.

The oils also need to be mixed with another oil such as olive oil to dilute it for a product to get rid of acne. In other words, if you have a sensible lifestyle and make sure you follow good habits, you may never have a problem with acne to begin with. They stimulate the sebaceous glands, producing more oil, which leads to clogged pores and provides a breeding ground for the acne bacteria.