Spa and Wellness

More Than Relaxation

You may be thinking how can you relax yourself after a tiring week full of hectic work schedules? It is believed, however, the process takes place more quickly with dry heat, and that it is possible to spend more time in the sauna and reap the benefits for longer because of its tolerability. The effect is that the skin feels smooth and hairless. Infrared saunas do have some advantages over traditional steam saunas.

This will help you to slow down and give ample time to de-stress. However some basic rules are often unwritten and so I thought I’d write down what I feel is good manners in any spa. -Keep healthy snacks in your desk drawer to keep your blood sugar levels stable, especially during stressful days and days you skip meals.

Back in the day, people used to have that ability. When you exercise, it releases the feel good hormone endorphins, which significantly reduces stress. These functions will not be abandoned, given their popularity and profitability, but they won’t be the focus if spa wellness trends come into full play.

Most spas will give you a manicure and a pedicure to refresh your hands and feet while giving them the appeal of a fresh beautiful coat of paint. Rehabilitation – Instead of staying in a hospital for post operative care, many patients and hospitals have teamed up with health spas for post-op rehabilitation.

Please respect hygiene rules, such as showering before getting into spa pools, and if you’ve had a massage and want to use the facilities again make sure you wash off any treatment oils (although it is a waste). While day spas offer licensed beauty technicians and associated service related personnel, med spas typically hire medical staff that are trained in a certain area of health or bodily repair-such as laser hair removal, etc.