Spa and Wellness

Maintaining Health And Wellness Naturally

Unlike American employee-based corporate wellness, some spa wellness programs are beginning to address quality of life topics beyond the physical. Of course another alternative is to bring your own noise – you can always check whether spas are happy for you to bring in your own iPod or sound system, use a good pair of noise cancelling headphones and you won’t bother anyone else and may find the serenity you seek.

If you are a sauna enthusiast then the traditional sauna will better suit your needs on the other and if you want a sauna that is inexpensive to run and easy to maintain that provides multiple health benefits then the infrared sauna is perfect for you.

From Brazil – Gustavo Albanesi, President of the Brazilian Spa Association, reported impressive growth attributed to “a new wellness culture searching for increased life quality, especially in big cities.” This culture has changed the way people look at spas, which are becoming part of day-by-day life.

The Sanctuary Covent Garden has a strict and well signposted policy of not allowing guests to save seats in the Koi Carp Lounge (or any lounge) because otherwise not everyone would get a go. Once you get your spot here you are welcome to lounge for an hour or as long as you want, but once you move, you move on.

This has become part of the regular health regimen for people who suffer from arthritis, lower back pain, and similar conditions and other people have also said it can help with conditions that require a detoxification and purification of their bodies.