Mental Health

Linking Sexual Abuse To Mental Health Problems

If it’s not broke don’t fix it…right? No matter what messages we hear in life, and no matter where they come from, if we hear them often enough and for long enough, they will almost inevitably affect us. For some lesbian, gay and bisexual people, living in a society which is still, to a large extent homophobic, leads them to despise their own sexuality and so self-hatred and low self-esteem can become very real issues which can lead to serious mental health problems.

In my training, my practice, my intuitive insights and in my observations, I’m quite sure that mental illness more often than not has roots in the higher dimensions… and the “vice-versa” part is that it can be rooted in the physical and have an effect on those higher dimensions of our psyche.

The CPN will assess your progress on a regular basis, will identify and help you deal with any problems you might have and put you in touch with others who can help, they will monitor your mediation and any effects of that medication and will generally offer support.

But even the less rigid psychologists who recognize the value of some kind of spiritual belief as a part of a healthy ego, generally refrain from introducing it into the therapeutic program in favor of the safety of what they were taught in school; and when they do, it’s usually centered around the mainstream notion of relying on a Higher Power outside of the patient’s influence, to be supplicated for help.

The Equality Act (2010) states that it is an employer’s duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people, so as to ensure that they have the same access to everything that involves gaining or keeping employment in the same way a non-disabled person does.