Learning The “Secrets” of

Crafting Customer Persona through Social Media Data

Marketing of the modern day needs to be approached from an informed position. You need to know who are buying your products and you also need to know that groups that are reserved when it comes to your product and why that is the case. It would be very unfortunate to spend large sums of money on campaigns that people will not be looking at. Today there is literally unquantifiable amount of data that only continues to grow.

It is very possible to tell a customer who is checking out and one who still needs convincing. A business is able to obtain the information such as the products that the customer is clicking to see and that information can be stored so it can be sued in the future. The information, when looked at disparately, happens to be just talking points but when looked ta collectively where trends are seen then that is much more valuable. A lot can be revealed in the buyer personas such as the gender the age group, the income of the household and the location of the particular shop, you would be surprised at how useful this kind of information can be.

when you have the different set of persona from the buyers who leave a footprint on your online domain you can create hypothetical buyer who can make a purchase. However do not categorize the customer base because there are different personality types and preferences and other aspects of demographics. With a business account on Facebook you get to access Facebook insights, here you have access to customer information, lots of it. You easily cut across the millions of people and engage with people who are showing interest in your product.

If you are more of a twitter person then you need to make use of twitter analytics for your business, this tool shows people accessing your tweets. This feature will break down the followers by age, the language and the location. Twitter analytics has an extra interest tab that further breaks down the audience by the type of interest they have. You also get to see the type of devices that the audience is using while accessing your content while on twitter. This way you will not send files that are not compatible with certain devices and make your business miss out on potential customers. After you have created a picture of what interests followers on Facebook and Twitter had on to LinkedIn and search based on those specifics.

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