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Is Marijuana Legal In Detroit, Michigan?

Is Marijuana Legal In Detroit, Michigan

Before we get into whether cannabis seeds in Detroit are legal or not, you should know everything about marijuana and its benefits.

Not many people know that marijuana has been around for over 3000 years now. It has been used for millennials for medical purposes. Marijuana is the thing that people used to get relief from pain or to forget that they were ill. During that time, marijuana was just used because it provided relief. Maybe they knew its properties and how it helped people but there is no proof of that. However, now, researches have been conducted that prove marijuana to be one of the best natural medicines around. It can easily eliminate the use of so many synthetic medicines that have various side effects and are just not good for human body. They may help in the present and get rid of some symptoms, but they are very harmful in the long run.

That is why people all over the planet are fighting to get marijuana legal. Legalising marijuana includes its use and possession including growing it as well. Till date, there have been a few American states, European countries and Canada that have legalised possession of a certain amount of marijuana mainly for medical use. It is still a taboo in the rest of the world, but people are doing everything they can do legal marijuana use for medical purposes. They are teaching more and more people about its benefit. Everyone should know that marijuana helps people suffering from chronic pain diseases, cancer, HIV, AIDS, PTSD, ADHD, depression, OCD, arthritis, glaucoma and many others. The list of benefits of marijuana is never ending. However, with pros comes some cons as well. While it is true that marijuana has a plethora of benefits, it is also true that it has a negative industry that is detrimental to the physical and mental health of the society.

Even before marijuana and its medical benefits came into view, it has been used as a recreational drug to get high. Legalizing marijuana can affect the society badly in so many ways. That is why to make marijuana legal, there should be strict laws in place, which specify everything.

One of the latest places to legalize marijuana or cannabis seeds is Detroit in Michigan. In December 2018, citizens of Detroit can possess and use marijuana for medical purposes legally. However, it is not that simple. The government has put up many specifications when it comes to possession of marijuana. This includes weight regulations and not using it in public places. Even the amount of marijuana plants you can grow in your home is set and if anyone is found breaking these rules, then it is illegal and a crime. So, it is legal to possess cannabis seeds in Detroit, but in limit.