Information On Eczema

Eczema is a skin disease that causes dry skin which often results in an itchy and irritating skin. About 5-10 grams of fish oil will work miracles in the reduction of skin swelling symptoms. Atopic eczema is the most common type of eczema and is characterised by the ‘scratch, itch’ cycle. And what we need to do is strengthen her immune system, get rid of all the toxins in her body and strengthen her immune system.

Excess intake of protein, lipids and fatty food can be possible causes of Eczema. Virgin coconut oil is inexpensive and a good, cheap home remedy you can use for many skin problems. Since eczema tends to rob the affected skin of moisture, keeping the skin adequately moisturized is the most important aspect of treatment.

People can also get contact dermatitis caused by an allergy to items containing nickel, which is why it’s not uncommon on the earlobes – thanks to nickel-plated earrings. Some common emollients for the relief of eczema include Oilatum, Balneum, Medi Oil, Diprobase, bath oils and aqueous cream.

As a result of the condition eczema sufferers have skin that lacks the same protective chemicals that healthy skin has that keeps harmful substances out. Unfortunately, it happens on a frequent basis that people, while treating their skin condition, forget about factors that contribute to its aggravation.

(Seasonal eczema tends to only come out or be at its worst in the cold winter months.) If you find that your skin is leathery and tough or that the tips of your fingers crack, then Petroleum 6c may help you significantly. That is why if you have eczema and have used hydrocortisone cream for weeks or months, you are more susceptible to a fungi and bacteria infection.