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Many Americans have a limited understanding of the disability benefits available from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Call the California State Bar Association for a list of attorneys or law firms handling Social Security cases. You have only 300 days within which you can the charge based on state or local law. First, decide if you will apply online, over the phone, in person at the Social Security Administration, or if you will have your disability attorney assist you.

We’ve all heard the SSA disability horror stories…but all too often I am surprised by the number of people who wonder whether they have a valid claim and if it is worth their time to file for disability benefits. You can file an application at any time after you last worked so long as you meet one of the requirements above.

Following the medical model Cheshire Homes believed it had provided compensatory measures to meet the needs of the disabled, but disabled activists like Finkelstein and Hunt saw it as oppression of a minority by society at large. Vic Finkelstein, a pioneering academic and activist in the field of disability, himself disabled, was a refugee from apartheid South Africa where he had been in prison for five years.

From the day you submit your appeal to the day you receive your decision, the average wait is 18 months. The SSA considers your physical or mental condition not to be a disability if it isn’t severe enough to interfere with your basic job performance. Taking the time to understand the truth about people who are potential customers as well as employees can tremendously enhance your business, as well as your personal growth.

There is no set age limit to receiving benefits. As long as you meet the requirements of having a disability, you will receive Social Security Disability benefits. 4. Can the person do the job he or she did before she became disabled? There is inherently nothing wrong with impairments being initially identified and treated as a medical condition.