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Helping Your Child Maintain a Healthy Mouth

When you’re a parent, the health of your child is a top priority. You want your child to be active and eat good foods. Part of staying healthy involves maintaining a healthy mouth. Unfortunately, getting kids to brush and floss can be a challenge. Here are a few ways to help your child keep their smile healthy.

Go Shopping Together

Let your child choose their next toothbrush. Getting to pick their very own toothbrush can instill them with a sense of pride and they may be more likely to use it. Just make sure that you direct your child toward toothbrushes that are geared toward a smaller mouth. The bristles should also be soft.

Play Music

Kids love music and there are numerous songs available geared specifically toward brushing. As your child is brushing, sing a song or play one for them. There are even apps that you can download onto your phone that will play music that kids can enjoy while brushing.

Brush Together

It might not always seem like it, but your child pays very close attention to what you do. If you brush your teeth with them, you have the perfect opportunity to show them how it should be done. Let them watch you and emulate your movements. Once your child is done, make sure to go back over their teeth to get any spots that might have been missed.

Schedule Regular Dental Appointments

Your child should visit a dentist regularly, just like you. Pediatric dental care st johns county can provide your child with essential cleanings. The right pediatric dentist can also help you and your child to develop good brushing habits and provide additional tips on how to maintain a healthy mouth at home.

Helping your child keep their teeth healthy is important more than just keeping his or her smile beautiful. Working to develop good oral hygiene practices early can help your child to avoid serious oral health problems and protect their smile for years to come.