Fungi – the most powerful means of dealing with them

First aid for fungi

Annoying fungi are a real scourge that we can hardly get rid of. If your body has “sheltered” this unwelcome and unwanted guest, you are in the right place. In this encyclopaedic article, we’ll introduce you to ways to fight them.

Ads of antifungal products promise us quick results. But is this really true? Is it so easy to treat fungi ?
Unfortunately, the truth is quite different. If you are determined to leave the winners of the battle with this racket, load with great patience. You will need it in the battle with them. And it’s not always easy. But the end result is definitely worth it. Anti-fungal therapy usually does not last for a day or two, but lasts for months.
It’s true they do not hurt and rarely cause itching (except those in the intimate area), but do not waste time and attack them as soon as you know about their existence.

Three stages of development of fungal infection on nail of the toe

The sooner you take action, the sooner you will enjoy positive results. Ordinary after a visit to a doctor, we leave the doctor’s cabinet with an exodelrel prescription . It is the most commonly used remedy for treacherous fungus.

The means of public medicine are numerous – iodine, alcohol, garlic, vinegar (apple tree only), clay tincture, tea tree oil.The question that perhaps many of you are excited about is that there is no other way faster and more effective to get rid of the problem.

Against the fungus you should take action as soon as you notice them (usually they are noticed at a more advanced stage of their development.

You can help with the handy means you have at home. As a first aid in the appearance of fungi is their treatment with alcohol. The affected area is soaked in alcohol for twenty minutes. Typically, the procedure is performed at the beginning and end of the day.

The fungus also works well with gasoline. Yeah, you’ve read petrol correctly. However unbelievable it sounds, experts we’ve been asking for recommend gasoline as a means of fighting annoying infections.

Of course, we can only use it for the treatment of fungal infections in the exposed areas of the skin, but not in the intimate area.

With a cotton swab, thoroughly soaked with petrol, we treat the damaged area. If the fungi get nasty, then apply a layer of clear lacquer to the nail and skin in close proximity to the nail.

The procedure is repeated every day on the complete disappearance of the fungus. Remember, before applying gasoline, it is necessary to erase the varnish you have done the night before.

A white fir pine resin also works without fail. It is possible to buy herbs and herbal products. With the magical resin, the damaged sections are blurred.

There is mouthwash in every home. Because of the antiseptics contained in it, it is also effective against fungus . For this purpose, simply apply on the affected areas of the mouthwash without diluting it in water.

Do not forget, though, that the fungi like the humid environment. If you wear the same shoes every day, you like to regularly visit the sauna and public bathing places, the risk of developing the fungus in you is increased and it is likely that they will grow in your body.

So if you can not avoid swimming pools and saunas, then at least limit their visits to them. Forget about wearing narrow shoes that can only add to the situation.

The information source for this text: palmoplatal keratosis

Despite the absence of a painful symptom, this is a very unpleasant condition that creates discomfort especially during the summer months when we wear shoes.The reason for writing this article became our reader who shared our problem with us. Rositsa Shopova has sought help from us for the unpleasant scaling on the skin of her heels, which goes without pain and pruritus.

In our desire to be as helpful as possible to Rosica, we consulted with a specialist who diagnosed her, according to her symptoms. She suffers from the genetically-mediated disease of palmoplantar keratosis with perionopathy, which is a sign of fungal infection in the legs.

In addition to the genetic factor, lifestyle is also important – maintaining personal hygiene, healthy and balanced nutrition. Usually, a rare disease is associated with gingival pathology.

Unlocking factor for palmoplatal keratosis may be other genetic diseases responsible for fungal infection. The cause of this type of keratosis can also be found in some autoimmune diseases.Inheritance in this case does not mean that your parents suffer from this disease, but that you are prone to drought of the skin due to hereditary factors.

Typically, the clinical picture of the disease occurs with tooth problems (premature loss), gums, abundant sweating, skin irritations, dermatitis.

In this case, salicylic acid preparations work well. A little below in the article we offer a recipe with beeswax and salicylic alcohol, which is extremely suited to the problem of our reader.

Skin eradication is often associated with deficiency of the oil-soluble vitamin A. We recommend our reader to increase the consumption of foods containing this vitamin, namely potatoes, liver, peppers (red), carrots, all leafy vegetables, pumpkin, black lettuce, dried apricots, melon.

Herbs that contain large amounts of this vitamin – basil, marjoram, maize and parsley.

Most wanted: Nail fungus treatment

Most often, fungi attack nails . Their treatment is usually long and long. We offer you different methods and tried recipes in this article and we hope you will find the most appropriate and effective for them.

Remember that treatment should not end immediately after the symptoms disappear because the mushrooms usually recite and return with full force.

You can attack them right away with a powerful action ointment made of equal amounts of olives (olive oil), tea tree and thyme oil.

It works well with a red tomato sauce, a basil sauce, sauce with a coffee sauce or a piece of honey and crushed garlic.

More recipes to remove the annoying mushrooms, read below in the article.

With lacquer and “pen”

Increasing popularity acquires the so-called “pen” in the fight against mushrooms. The variants are two – Exelor and Neillner Ripper.

Although these products are not the cheapest, the result is believed to be worthwhile. Manufacturers assure that one pen is sufficient to treat one fingernail for several months until the fungus disappears.

The use of exosyl and its analogue does not require pre-preparation of the nail plate and the skin around it prior to application. Of course, it is necessary for the area to be well cleaned and dried to have the effect of pen application.It is important to recall that it is necessary to apply not only to the nail, but also below it. We repeat the procedure twice a day. It is advisable to use the pen in the morning, after getting up from sleep and night just before bedtime.

On the same principle, there is a Neiler Riper. Which of the two products you choose, it does not really matter. Both are equally effective.

An increasingly preferred option is the polyenetic nail polish available in the pharmacy network. This is not really a nail polish, but one that fights the fungi.

What distinguishes it from other varnishes is its active ingredient cycloporox, which attacks the spores leading to the development of mushrooms.

Typically, the nail polish treatment course lasts for nine to twelve months, but the results are definitely worth the effort.

On the skin

Fungi can affect any part of the skin. Particularly susceptible are those areas that are often damp – feet, folds of the armpits, hair.

The most endangered are people who are in contact with a sick person, as well as sportsmen (the body is sweating during sports) and frequent saunas and swimming pools.

We will introduce you to various fungal infections on the skin:

  • Tinea pedium – the most common mycosis, affects the skin between the toes and the foot. Constant moisture between the toes stimulates the growth of mushrooms and leads to damage to the stratum corneum.
  • Tinea Manuum – most commonly affects hands, but is often accompanied by fungal infection on the feet.
  • Tinea Corporis – the most threatened by her are those areas of the skin that are constantly exposed.
  • Tinea industrialization – most common in sufferers of sugar disease and sportsmen; affects the folds of legs and superstition. It is recommended to use special powders that are applied after thorough drying of the skin after bathing, as well as wearing only cotton linen. (Dr. Kalisheva)

What is a fungal infection?

The term ” fungal infection ” is likely to make you feel terrified. How can we know if our organism has sheltered this treacherous infection?

Most often she attacks when the balance between good and bad microorganisms in our body is disturbed. Probiotics are microorganisms that maintain this balance at optimal levels. But unfortunately probiotics are not as persistent as we would like.

Their most powerful killer is medicine and, in particular, antibiotics. On the other hand, the fungus is sugar-fed. So if you eat unbalanced and often reach out to drugs, you are a potential victim of a treacherous fungal infection.

Mushrooms can grow on the skin, the skin, the mucous membranes (the genitals, the stomach), which means there is no organ in our body that is protected by them. They often prevail over beneficial bacteria, and fungal infection develops with symptoms that become chronic – allergy, fatigue, joint and stomach problems.

The presence of Candida in the human body is normal, but when the quantities grow progressively, then it is a fungal infection. Mushrooms emit toxins and this seriously threatens our health.

In treating them, yeast death releases large amounts of toxic waste, which can even worsen your symptoms for some time as the body clears away from the toxins and discards them.

If you suspect a fungal infection, you can very quickly find out if you suffer from it. We offer you a simple and proven way to test at home that gives 100% credible results.

For this purpose, in the morning, immediately before getting up from sleep (ie from the bed), spit in a clear glass full of water. The test is done before washing your teeth and eating food or water. Try to get as much saliva into your mouth as possible.

Normally, in the glass of water, it rises to the surface. There is a cause for concern when the saliva starts to settle down and sticks to the bottom of the glass like a spider web. This is evidence of a fungal infection. (Doctor Timingbg)

In this case, do not delay the visit to your GP, who will give you adequate treatment.

In addition to taking medication, he will also give you a special diet. Turn off sweet and pasta foods from your menu. Emphasize fermented products like sauerkraut. Consumption of oats, buckwheat, brown rice is appropriate.

You also need to start taking probiotics with live bacteria that will help you greatly to tackle the problem.

In the ears

Perhaps those of you who have not encountered the problem are surprised that the fungal infection can also damage the ears . But this is a fact, and the complications of its non-healing are – worsening of hearing, unbearable itching.

Most often in a fungal ear infection, the ear canal is clogged with white scales. It is imperative to clean the ear canal before starting the actual treatment (usually dropped exodelyl).

On the legs

Annoying fungi on the legs, even if not related to pain, cause discomfort. They appear in white scales on the feet.

We offer you an old and proven recipe that will quickly ease your condition. Several hexamine tablets (a medicine for kidney problems) are crushed until they become powdery. Her legs are soaked, socks are soaked and she sleeps all night. Repeats until the mushrooms completely disappear.

Genital organs (polyginax)

Fungi on the genitals are an extremely unpleasant illness, which usually occurs with burning, pruritus and itching.

Polyjinax is one of the remedies that solve the problem. If your doctor has given you these vaginal tablets, you should know that the treatment continues throughout the cycle. The preparation is not applicable with barrier latex contraceptives.

Fungi after antibiotic

The most common reason for the presence of annoying mushrooms in our body and on the skin is antibiotic treatment. These drugs destroy the beneficial bacteria in our body and it becomes an open door for a variety of viruses and infections.

Cure and herbs: Silver water
It is good during the antibiotic course of treatment and afterwards to take probiotic supplements that minimize these risks.

Miraculous silver water is an excellent way to treat mushrooms. It kills them applied not only locally but also internally.

Its unsurpassed qualities of colloidal silver owe the silver ions, which interact with the microorganisms and kill them, blocking their normal development and functioning.

Received inward silver water (to form silver chloride) reaches every cell in our body. This is due to the released silver chloride, which is produced by the interaction of colloidal silver with gastric juice.

With a swab moistened in this miraculous liquid, the affected areas are mown. Vaginal fluids with silver water also work well, which have been shown to kill the fungal infections in the vagina.

Trust the tested drugs from the natural pharmacy like thyme and oregano. Except as a fresh herb, they can also be used in the form of butter. Applied to the damaged oil of these herbs makes miracles. (the oils are sold separately, you can mix them in equal amounts).


The bathroom should last for at least 20 minutes, then carefully dry the feet with a dry cloth and absorbent paper. It is necessary to repeat the procedure twice every day until the mushrooms disappear completely.Thanks to its antiseptic properties, apple cider vinegar is an excellent tool for fighting fungi and infections caused by them. For this purpose, you should soak your feet in a container of water (preferably warm) to which you add the same amount of vinegar.


The cucumber garlic comes to help with the fungus. This natural antibiotic will kill pathogens that cause fungal infection faster than any medicine. For this purpose, simply rub the damaged section with a strip of garlic clove, which is cut in two.

Perhaps the smell of garlic bothers you and you do not want to try this, but the effect of its application will surprise you and the “victim” is definitely worth it.

Another alternative to the treatment of fungi is the treatment of the portion with a mixture of crushed garlic, apple vinegar and freshly sliced sage leaves.

Affected by the unpleasant infection sites are imposed for 20 minutes this healing mixture. The effect of its application is not delayed and you will be surprised by the ease with which it kills the fungi.


In the battle with fungi, we can safely trust one of the strongest natural antiseptics – our well-known iodine .

The area is extensively affected by the infection. If the fungus attacks your nails, you can counteract them with iodine that smears on the deeply cut nails (it is advisable to cut them as deeply as possible using a razor blade).

Once the iodine is applied, a layer of colorless varnish is applied to the nail plate and used to strengthen the nail (or special). The effect of the application of this method is certain, but remember that you must be stubborn in its application.

Bicarbonate of soda

The rubbing of mushroom-affected areas with soda bicarbonate has been shown to destroy them completely.

Soda can also help you internally. For this purpose add a pinch of soda to the lemon juice. The daily intake of this cocktail changes the pH of the alkaline environment in our body that kills the fungi.

Tea tree oil

One of the most powerful natural antiseptics is healing tea tree oil , which is a sure killer of annoying mushrooms. It is applied undiluted to the skin, and the affected areas are thoroughly smeared with a pad soaked in it.

In vaginal fungi it only applies as a last resort because it is very strong and can cause irritation.

Potassium permanganate

The potassium permanganate sold in the pharmacies can save you from the fungus only after 4-5 applications on the skin.

A small part of the packet is poured into a basin, in which a decoction of the sumac is poured in advance (a packet of herbs is used). The feet are squeezed for a maximum of 20 minutes in this decoction. After several applications (usually after the fourth or fifth time), the mushrooms are completely destroyed. If your leg skin is more sensitive, reduce the soaking time or amount of potassium permanganate. Different types of skin are given a different amount of CP. and you need to find out what’s right for you!


Naturopath Georgi Petrov recommends a nichard as the most powerful means of stopping the growth of microfungal spores and their complete destruction. He advises the feet to squeeze several times a day in a strong nichideer solution, and the other areas affected by the mushrooms should be smeared with the solution.

Other herbal recipes

To fight the annoying fungus you can trust the other tested herbal recipes that we have systemed specifically for the readers of on the recommendation of specialists and people who have already solved their problem thanks to these cures.

An anti-fungal remedy can also be found in the roots of the licorice, which is boiled for 20 minutes. The mushrooms are treated with the prepared decoction.

A decoction of marigold, taken internally, helps to clear the body from the infection. You can apply it externally by adding honey to our well-known marinated ointment, which is prepared with fat.

Brushing the hearths with golden root and black walnut decoction guarantees you healing.

Healing from the fungus has found dozens of people, thanks to beeswax (30 grams) and salicylic alcohol (100 milliliters).If you trust the miraculous power of the Argan oil, you will not be wrong too.

The ingredients are mixed in a small jar, which is shaken vigorously until the clay dissolves. Five days later, a brown liquid emerged on the surface. It separates carefully and treats affected areas several times a day.

Although not with herbs, this recipe will rid you of the mushrooms after the second or third application. The legs are put in equal parts of lime and cement and stays for 20 minutes.

Medicines: Exoderyl

The known exoddelyl is available in the form of drops and cream spreads containing naphthyfine (the fungus killer). The main disadvantage of this product is that it should only be applied to a well-cleaned, scuffed and dried fingernail.

Drops are used to treat fungi between toes. It is not excluded that, as a result of the use of the preparation, your itching will intensify.

You may have an allergic reaction to its active ingredient (naphthyfine). In this case, your doctor will advise you to stop treatment and recommend another medicine. An alternative to exodendyl is polyene and lamyl.

Treatment with these preparations should be continued for half a month after the symptoms disappear, in order to avoid the recurrence of stubborn mushrooms.


Nizoral is available in the form of cream, shampoo and tablets that treat the fungus. Contains the active ingredient ketoconazole that kills spores.

The result of applying the cream as a cream and shampoo is usually visible after a month, but if this does not happen, consult a specialist.


The addition of cytosine is considered to enhance immunity. You can resort to it as a preventative measure against flu infections or after antibiotic treatment.

It is good after this treatment to strengthen your immunity as the body is prone to various infections, including fungal infections.

Cream: Canespor

Canespor is a broad-spectrum drug that attacks fungal spores, molds, candidiasis, mycoses. Allergies are not excluded because of the alcohol contained in it.


Wartner is an extremely effective detergent that comes in the form of a spray and a pen. Removes warts quickly and easily without having to go to a doctor.

The manufacturer offers cream and lotion to remove treacherous and stubborn fungus.

Laser treatment

Increasing popularity of laser treatment is an alternative to dealing with the fungus. Although the procedure is not very cheap, its benefits are many – it guarantees fast and secure destruction of the microspora in a way that is not painful.

By inserting a laser beam, the spores causing the fungus are dying. The procedure is short-lived, but it may still be interrupted for a minute or two if the patient experiences discomfort.


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