Foot Health

Finding The Right Foot Care Specialist

Our feet are probably the least most cared for parts of our body and are expected to work in carrying us over many miles all year round and there are a few basic things that we can do to keep them in good working order. Sometimes an injury to the nail or frequent exposure to petroleum-based solvents can create a concave, spoon-like shape. This range comprises of products that can address problems related to calf/ankles/knees as well as products for joint health, arthritis, leg/body care, circulation therapy products, back care, mobility and for low impact exercises.

Be careful though, because many of these will only worsen the problem. The foot is a complex structure and because of this, many things can go wrong or be negatively affected just by the type of shoes we wear. For most individuals, this foot pain could be the result of several issues.

People suffering from bunions have limited options to wear in foot wear as the bump tends to swell and hurt. The skin will need to be moisturised without leaving residual effects in the shoes and socks for long periods of time. This protection is at risk when one wears poorly fitting shoes simply for fashion or convenience.

Before you invest in straighteners, take a look at your shoes. While this condition is easily and permanently treated in-office by a foot specialist, avoiding it by trimming the nails without cutting into the skin may be an easier option. When purchasing shoes, one’s foot should be measured by a knowledgeable shoe clerk and the shoe fitted to that size, considering length AND width.

This bad odour is hard to get rid of. The bacteria found on the skin of our body is quite normal. That’s what you could potentially cause to happen if you rely on your high heels on a daily basis during your most active, on-your-feet years. High heels often cause calluses as they exert pressure on the ball of the foot.