Popular Diets

Eating Healthy

There are numerous, probably hundreds of diets to sift through to find the one that is best for you and your lifestyle. The Medifast diet plan was a close second and most people have found great success on this plan because you can realistically loose up to 20 pounds a month on this plan. Make sure you have fresh vegetables in your diet and avoid canned goods, which are usually preserved in salt.

This diet plan enforces the use of protiens and a combination of minerals and vitamins subtracting all the carbohydrates. It’s great; it forces the body into Ketosis (for more weight loss and rid the body of sugars) for 6-10 weeks it works like magic for initial weight loss.

So if you can build an extra 10lb of muscle your body will then burn an extra 500 calories per day. Man, everybody looks so good down there in the sun; they must be hiding the fat and sick people in the alleys and closets or behind desks and suits all day long.

No one program is successful at fulfilling all your goals and maintaining your weight loss and your body for the rest of your life. The Atkins Diet- Don’t even get me started on why this diet is not good for you. The final diet featured on our list is The South Beach Diet.

Here are some popular diets. There isn’t very much that is limited on this weight loss program, and although you don’t have to buy the food directly from Jenny Craig, it will make weight loss easier and it is encouraged. The diets are, The Biggest Looser Diet, Medifast, Nutrisystem, the South Beach Diet, Slim Fast Optima Diet, Atkins and the Zone Diet Plan.