Disc hernias – the best ways to get rid of it.

Treatment of disc hernia with St. John’s wort.

The painful disc herniation usually occurs with severe and intolerable pain in the lumbar region. It is due to nerve compression from the intervertebral discs.

If you are one of the victims of disc herniation and have tried anything but painful but the effect is none, we offer tested and absolutely harmless methods that will greatly alleviate the pain.
If you often have to overcome strong and burning pain in your waist and back, rely on the healing power of St. John’s Wort.
The fragrant forest plant occurs almost on all grassy and sunny slopes. You can call out spikes from it in the summer. Maximum useful substances are contained in stalks about 20 centimeters long from color to stem.

St John’s Wort is rich in bitter substances, tannins, bioflavonoids.

You can apply the painful stretch of fresh colors from the healing plant and wrap with a bandage. It is desirable to sleep all night.The herb grows as a bush. It is off you not to notice it on the grassy slopes. You can use it to relieve the pain of the treacherous disc hernia in fresh form or in the form of oil extraction.

An oil extraction, which massages the tense lumbar area, is prepared in this way – a clear glass bottle of half a liter is filled with fresh colors of the fragrant plant. Make up with olive oil. Leave in the sun. Within two weeks, the bottle shakes vigorously every day.

Once this period has expired, the healing mixture should be strained. It is used to spread the areas of the body where the most severe pain is localized.

You can also try a St John’s Wort. Add 10 liters of the curative decoction to the bath water (two spoonfuls of dry herb per liter of water). It lasts for at least 20 minutes. It is good during this time that the body is at rest for a few hours.

In case of joint pains of different origin, St John’s oil massage works well. This herb and herbal remedy are mandatory for every family medicine kit as they are used in burns, deep and non-healing wounds.

With a mummy.

The miraculous mummy may be your salvation from the painful pains in the lumbar region. Take a mumio as a pea, which dissolves in a scoop of water and it is taken twice a day. It works well with a massage with the same amount of mummy dissolved in a spoonful of alcohol.

The treatment course with internal and external application of mummies lasts for twenty days. Ten days of rest. If the pain does not resolve, the procedure is repeated. Worry if necessary.

Miraculous balm, or as mummies call it – the blood of the mountain contains 28 valuable chemical elements that play an extremely important role in DNA synthesis at the cellular level.

This healing balm is a juice from the rocks. It is formed in the form of pendants and occurs only in hard-to-reach places. It is a sticky dark brown mass that softens in contact with the skin.

It is dissolved in juice, water or other liquid. If you have not touched upon the healing power of this miracle of nature, do not hesitate to do it. Trust the mummy and you will not regret it.

With Swedish bitterness.

The healing Swedish bitterness is also one of the wonders of the natural treasure, which will give you the desired relief in lumbar pain. The effect is achieved with internal intake and topical application of the herbal mixture.

For the second application, choose the combination of dry herbs. A sachet is enough to make 750 grams of alcoholic extracts, which rub off the painful spots every night.For the first option you should get a ready-made extract of the herbal mixture. Take it on a teaspoon before the three main meals of the day added to the tea you drink.

The extract lasts for two weeks. After filtration it is ready for treatment with it.

The herbal mixture of herbs is a combination of 11 plants known for its miraculous qualities – aloe, peace, saffron, motherland, camphor, manna, Venetian teria and roots of angelica, turmeric, rhubarb, glass grid. (Healthcare.com)


The herringbone is also one of the natural remedies you can trust in disc herniation. She is known for her ability to extract moisture from the human body. Since it contains toxic substances, it is preferable to be taken externally.

The herb is picked in the summer. You need a fresh look to relieve pain from the hernia. Once you have picked a few sprouts, it is necessary to chop them a little. A handful of salt is added to the plant.

The place where it is applied is pre-spread with oil. Apply the chicory with salt. Cover with a nylon foil in the middle of which a small hole is made. Place a second layer of foil, then wrap the diseased site with a cotton sheet.

It lasts for 90 minutes and then the skin is washed thoroughly. Because of sea salt your skin can burn and bubbles may appear. They do not have to crack. In this case, it is advisable for the patient to shower regularly. (Healer)


The curative dandelion will also save you from the pains in the lumbar region. Prepare a decoction of roots and stems from the healing herb (one spoon). The herbs are poured with 400 ml of cold water and boiled for twenty minutes.

The extract lasts twenty-four hours, then squeezes and drinks throughout the day.

Babbows teeth.

The herb banning teeth in combination with the magic dandelion is the healing mixture that will surely save you from the pains. We offer you the recipe of the healer Boris Nikolov.

Five tablespoons of the other herb are poured with a liter of water and boiled for an hour. After 24 hours the mixture is well squeezed and mixed with the dandelion decoction.The potions of the two herbs are prepared separately. The dandelion preparation is prepared as described above.

The specific treatment for this decoction is that it is drunk and the amount taken increases every day. The first day is taken three tablespoons, three times a day.

On the second day the quantity is four spoons.

From the third to fifth day of the healing course, the amount taken is five spoons. (Uti.br)

White incense.

Pain in herniated hernia can be suppressed with white incense. One spoon of it is added to two broken whites and a cup of grape brandy. The mixture is put on a piece of woolen cloth (the most comfortable use will be the use of an old scarf), then the diseased area wraps with it. It stays there until it is fully absorbed by the skin.

Hot peppers and ground pepper.

Hot peppers in combination with black pepper will surely save you from the painful pain. You need a piece of wool that is not processed.

It is sprinkled with a glass of crushed chili peppers and a spoon of pepper. He binds to the sick place and stays on him all night. This warming compress is your salvation especially at times when pain is unbearable.

With cromid.

The same effect is achieved with a compressed chopped toast of an old onion that sleeps all night. A nylon foil and a woolen scarf are put on a stronger warming effect on the onion. (Sirius biz)

Dr. Bach’s drops of discopathy.

Dr. Bach and his magic drops offer a solution to this problem. To overcome intolerable pain in the lumbar region (as well as pain from other origins), you can take a Bethlehem star (raspberry onion) and a rescue medicine for first aid. You will feel better now.

Five or six drops are dissolved in a glass of spring water and this should be drunk within one day. The mixture thus prepared has a shelf life of one day.


With propolis.

There is a break of two weeks, then the course is repeated again.The regular application of compresses with propolis guarantees healing of the disc herniation forever. Compresses are done every day for one month and the paw is at least 40 minutes.


Acquiring increasingly popular urine therapy guarantees the expected results.

Urine compress removes pain as a magic wand. A sheet of kitchen nylon foil is placed on the greased place and cotton or woolen cloth on it. You sleep so all night, and there is no memory of pain in the morning.

Gels (ointments).

You can use various ointments to relieve pain. The German version of Krauthorhof offers gels with diabolic claw and eucalyptus oil that work well. At a time of intense pain, you can also use crevillium, manthanum, feloran, fasom gel, reparil.


Magnesium, taken internally and externally, guarantees life without pain. For this purpose supplements enriched with this mineral, which heal the bones, favorably affect the hookah and the problematic intervertebral discs (stopping their wear).

Magnesium dichloride, applied topically to the painful area, will relax and soothe you. You can get it from any pharmacy.

Magnesium oil is a truly natural product for the preparation of which uses sea salt from the depths of the sea where it is cleanest.


Not just motor activity, but what you consume can make your condition worse or easier.

Grazing can also be your cure in this case. It is a strict diet that avoids the consumption of meat, dairy products and most pasta.

It emphasizes the consumption of teas, fruits and vegetables. It lasts from week to three weeks and the most powerful treatment and remedy.

With disc herniation, pressure on the vertebrae is reduced and this results in permanent relief. The most noticeable is in complete patients who, after a similar regimen, feel very good – the blood is normalized and the pain in the body is gone.

Belts (cosmodic).

The cosmodic belt is highly recommended by specialists for back and waist pain. Wearing it has a massaging and healing effect on the paravertebral muscles. It is recommended even for patients who have been treated. (opinion of Dr. Tzutsumanski)

Ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy (ozone therapy) has a complex effect in the treatment of problems in the lumbar region. Ozone relieves the pain symptom, healing the fibroblasts in the affected area. In this way a healing effect is achieved.

It acts at the molecular level by strengthening relationships that act as a supporting pillar for the hernia. (Cortex-bg.com)

As a result of this therapy, the swelling, which suppresses the pain symptom, also decreases.

With a laser.

Laser therapy is also becoming increasingly popular. The condition of the patient should be carefully considered before resorting to it. If there is disc wear and tearing of a part of the cartilage, laser treatment is contraindicated. (Dr. Asen Hadjiyanev)

In the health center “Spinal Center” in the capital you can get rid of the hernia all the time thanks to a new generation of laser therapy, which is carried out by highly qualified specialists. (spine-center.bg)

This is the only healthcare facility in Bulgaria that offers treatment with this innovative method.

Appropriate medications and painkillers.

Not one of the drugs that appears in the disc herniation, and after surgery. It strengthens the structure of joints, tendons, connective tissue and strengthens the connections between them.Medications for disc herniation are prescribed as painkillers and complementary therapies. The wear of the discs can not be cured by drugs. They can only dull the pain.

Phytoarthritis and arthritis can also be taken in discopathy.

As a painkiller, you can take diclact , diclofenac and all analgesic painkillers that relieve pain of different origins.

Exercises and yoga.

Any problem with bones and joints, including disc herniation, can be healed just for a month using two magic yoga exercises.

One of these is the cat’s posture, in which all the joints of the body distribute the heat entering the body in the spine. Repeats a hundred times a day.

You stand on your knees and arms on the floor, then lift your head and stretch your back like a cat. Exercise is performed correctly when the chin touches the chest.

The second exercise is the same in performing the second exercise. First, lift your left foot up and your head should remain at the level of your shoulders. Then your leg retracts to the body, with your forehead touching his knee.

Repeat the procedure with the other foot by performing a total of five series with ten exercises each.


The ancient healing method of acupuncture, which is an indispensable part of the ancient medicine, successfully deals with the disc herniation. The philosophy on which this ancient science is based is that in order to heal the body, the energy balance in it must be restored.

This is what makes acupuncture by pinching needles in certain precise. According to the Chinese healing method, the energy in the human body flows through meridians, but sometimes this process is blocked. The most common reason for this is stressful situations.

By restoring the soul’s harmony in the body, it can be healed by all diseases, according to Chinese teachings.

Sanatoria and bathrooms.

Patients with disc herniation respond well after treatment with mineral water. Among the abundance of mineral springs you can choose among the balneal sanatoriums located in Velingrad, Varshets, Stara Zagora Mineral Baths, Haskovo Mineral Baths, Pavel Banya.

The water in these resorts has a different chemical composition, but it is a fact that has a favorable effect on rheumatism, arthrosis, disc herniation (even after ozone therapy and surgery).

Let the tips and disks for disc herniation described in this article reach a larger circle of people. To do this you just have to share it.


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