Disability Benefits

.K. You’ve gotten the news from your doctor and gone through all the stages of grief over the loss of an ability. If you are denied and appeal, expect to wait a minimum of four (4) months to receive a reconsideration decision. The basic types of renewability features widespread in disability insurance policies are non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable, guaranteed renewable, and conditionally renewable.

However, it is difficult to win social security disability (SSD) or supplemental security income (SSI) benefits in West Virginia, where in recent years only about 3 out of every 10 disability applications have been approved. However, be careful as it is very common for attorneys to advise a person to contact them only after their claim has been denied once or twice.

Keep in mind that, although it is true that very few disability cases are successful in West Virginia, the odds aren’t great anywhere else in the country either. Several states in the U.S. manage a public disability insurance coverage scheme, which is funded by payroll taxes.

Again, if the answer is yes, the person’s claim will probably be denied if they can do work that is considered “substantial gainful activity”. The turning point came when two years of aggressive work search that yielded nothing finally led me to consider a receptionist’s position.

These activists saw the medical model as the default position of the disability ‘industry’ staffed by care managers, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and doctors. The vast majority of disability applications are denied upon initial review (70 percent), as well as first appeal, or request for reconsideration (85 percent are denied at this level).