Aerobic Exercises To Target The Abdomen

February 4, 2019 SayidaAsidiq 0

Contrary to popular belief, belly dancing doesn’t involve only the belly in its movement. Today we have access to hundreds of videos from low impact workouts to high impact step workouts and kickboxing. Strength training benefits everyone, no matter what …

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Relax With Essential Oil Aromatherapy

January 30, 2019 SayidaAsidiq 0

Aromatherapy actually means treatment by using scents, and did you know that there are about 150 essential oils. Some even claim that the oils used should not even be of natural origin. Certain essential oils are known to help reduce …

Opening The Hips With The Pigeon Pose

January 22, 2019 SayidaAsidiq 0

There is no way to determine exactly when Yoga was first practiced. Yoga doesn’t do a whole lot to build lean toned muscle and burn fat, which is what most people want to do. The Yoga exercise will not allow …

Kettler Giro GT Exercise Bike

January 12, 2019 SayidaAsidiq 0

Motivation is a very powerful thing, but getting and remaining motivated, is something entirely different. Since we’re looking at this as being part of a home gym, I wouldn’t have it as my first piece of equipment because the thought …

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What Is Yoga Asana

January 6, 2019 SayidaAsidiq 0

Yoga is known to improve health overall, with every aspect of it enhancing something, mind, body, or spirit. Back injuries are very common when practicing certain asanas or postures, especially in the area of back bends. With this being said, …

Yoga Ethics For Instructors

December 30, 2018 SayidaAsidiq 0

It is a well-known fact that Yoga, as a generalized art, is the practice of perfecting some aspect of an individual’s existence. Yoga is easy to learn, although it does take some discipline to do it regularly, as with many …

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An Introduction To Yoga For Beginners

December 18, 2018 SayidaAsidiq 0

Yoga is a group of ancient practices which were first developed in India. Taking you far away from the stress of everyday life, lowering your blood pressure and slowing down your heart rate. Yoga is more than simply poses and …

Workout Exercise Equipment

December 10, 2018 SayidaAsidiq 0

Fitness equipment for home is an essential part of staying in shape for life. Hence instead of going for those machines, one can opt for home made gym equipments that provide you the same advantages and you end up with …

Essential Oils For Fibromyalgia

November 30, 2018 SayidaAsidiq 0

If you’re not familiar with aromatherapy, an aromatherapy course can be a great introduction into the practice of using aromatherapy to improve your physical and psychological well being. Since the ancient times, Helichrysum essential oil has been used by the …

Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise

November 27, 2018 SayidaAsidiq 0

Everyone knows how important working out is. However, not everyone knows the proper way to exercise and maximize the benefits of aerobics and a good aerobics workout. Aerobic activity increases endorphins, making life a happier experience, it prevents certain cancers, …

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Yoga Pose

October 31, 2018 SayidaAsidiq 0

Muscular imbalances that can create a rounded posture are often the result of overdeveloping the chest and abdominal areas. For those who are already experiencing quality results with their exercise plan, the regular practice of Yoga will further increase the …

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Side Poses For Balance

October 22, 2018 SayidaAsidiq 0

Yoga and meditation are terrific ways to bring the mind and body together as one and improve youra mental clarity. The type of yoga you choose to practice is entirely an individual preference and thus why we are looking into …

Waxing For Men

October 20, 2018 SayidaAsidiq 0

Talk health and sickness to people and they understand it without too much trouble. Nowadays it is generally agreed that spa means a place where you can bathe and relax and have a massage and generally indulge yourself. Some sauna …

The Many Benefits Of Using Home Gym Equipment

October 2, 2018 SayidaAsidiq 0

The modern fast paced world is obsessed with the trend of maintaining a well toned and healthy body. Some of the most popular fitness equipment on the market includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise cycles, rowing machines, home gyms, stair-climbing machine …

Kids Yoga

September 20, 2018 SayidaAsidiq 0

Yoga is a way of living that has a beneficial effect on diabetes. Benefits Of Yoga – There are many benefits to the Yoga exercise of. It is known that yoga also helps provide stress relief and health benefits. Yoga …