Calm Your Soul

Meditation calms the soul and eases the mind. Personally, I cannot get into that phase of awareness every single time I want. One of the primary difficulties many beginners face is that they may not recognize how deeply their mind has penetrated their awareness. Meditation has helped me to get rid of a lot of health problems.

Every little thing happens and my mind gets trapped into an unending mesh of worries and thoughts. Since meditation is fed from springs of silence and simplicity, I find it oddly paradoxical that its practice applied in my life for the last two decades has reaped such a complex harvest.

Some people think that the best time for meditation is before sunrise, yes! This is particularly dominant when the painbody overtakes the person. Meditation is thus different than focusing or concentration. In this state I feel very peaceful and alert. 1) Meditation is known to increase awareness.

The Hamsa meditation helps us to connect with the divine love and profound energy that flows through the universe and through each of us. 3) Meditation helps create a positive state of mind. Instead of focusing on a void or the sound of breathing, you may prefer focusing on a picture or an image or sound of chanting.

When you see the number then breathe in. Whilst you are focusing on the number one, breathe out and then visualize the number two. Highly recommended meditation music CD’s can also be found with reviews from people who have used them in their meditation. Some people fall into a deep sleep the moment their heads hit the pillows whilst others can struggle to find this much needed peace.